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Chapter 2583: Arent They Bullying People Like This

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Wei Zhiqian suddenly felt a sense of alarm.

Qi Chengzhi was not at all exaggerating in order to scare him.

Wei Zhiqian knew it only too well.

Because this kind of inhuman situation had already been experienced by Wei Zhiqian many times!

Every time someone among this bunch had a kid, they would surely go on some explosive rampage to publicize it.

At the start, when Wei Ziqi had a kid, it had still been okay.

After all, Wei Ran grew up in the Wei Family since she was young, and Wei Ziqi was childhood sweethearts with her, so their progression was quite natural.

So Old Mrs.

Wei did not say much either at home.

At that time, Old Mrs.

Wei even looked at him and said, “Should I say the Wei Family is smart and had been very sly since their ancestors time When they saw how that nasty temper of Wei Ziqi could easily make him single for life, they brought up a childhood sweetheart for him since they were young.

Why did I not think of this”

Old Mrs.

Wei stared at Wei Zhiqian very regretfully.

Now that Wei Zhiqian was already so old, it was too late to raise one childhood sweetheart too.

But not long after, when Wei Zilin also had children, Old Mrs.

Wei could still keep her cool.

Because there were still single lads from the seven other great families.

In the end, right after that, Qi Chengzhi, Qi Chenglin, Yan Beicheng, and the others all got married and had children one by one, as if they queued in a line to do so.

Old Mrs.

Wei could no longer keep her cool then.

Starting from Qi Chenglin, for every pair that got married and had a child, Old Mrs.

Wei would shake her head and sigh dejectedly at Wei Zhiqian.

That look seemed to say that Wei Zhiqian was a big living problem to solve, as if he would never be able to find a wife in this lifetime.

Wei Zhiqian had been really upset by Old Mrs.

Weis reaction at the start, and he even protested, “Grandma, how can you look at me I am tall and handsome at the very least, and I have an impressive aura.

Why should I be worried that I wont be able to find a wife”

“…” Old Mrs.

Wei spat and said, “Its fine if other people praised you like this.

Why are you even praising yourself!”

Wei Zhiqian was speechless.

Wasnt this the truth

Old Mrs.

Wei seemed to be stunned by Wei Zhiqians shamelessness.

She stared at him with a shocked expression and said, “Then if youre so tall and handsome with such an impressive aura, why arent you able to find a wife even now”

Wei Zhiqian: “…”

That was because he did not think they were worthy and did not like them, not because he could not find one!

“Grandma, you see Chu Zhaoyang hasnt found a wife either.

And theres Han Zhuoli and so many other people after him.” This was how Wei Zhiqian had told Old Mrs.

Wei about it.

Old Mrs.

Wei tsked and said, “Can Zhaoyang be compared to you He says so few words that hes on the verge of becoming autistic.

The wife he finds will definitely be autistic like him too.

You want to compare yourself to Zhaoyang Arent you bullying people like this”

Unexpectedly, not long after she said those words…


Chu Zhaoyang had a wife!

Wei Zhiqian: “…”

Old Mrs.

Wei shook her head incessantly at Wei Zhiqian with a look of resentment and disdain.

“Tsk tsk tsk! My tall and handsome eldest grandson with an impressive aura.

Even Chu Zhaoyang found a wife.

Why are you still single!”

Wei Zhiqian: “…”

Now, Wei Zhiqian felt really thankful that he did not say Han Zhuoli was still single back then.

Because afterward, Han Zhuoli actually left singlehood faster than a bolt of lightning could strike!

Wasnt he bullying people like this

Now that he got reminded by his fellow brothers, Wei Zhiqian suddenly felt a lot of stress.

Lu Man was four weeks pregnant now.

In another two months, she would be able to announce the news of her pregnancy to other people.

Wei Zhiqian trembled and said, “I… Ill go back and ask Zhuoli when hes going to tell my familys Old Madam, and Ill tell him to let me know before that.

I wont go back for a while during that time.”

Everybody was dumbfounded.

He was such a scaredy-cat!

Qi Chenglin probably felt that Wei Zhiqian was way too pitiful and did not have many good days left, so he said, “Anyway, we didnt really eat much, so lets go.

We can find a place nearby to have a meal before we leave..”

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