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Chapter 2576: Han Zhuoling Will Be “Reasonable” with You All

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Gao Yaohai did not sound fake at all.

He explained very calmly, “You didnt ask about Shi Xiaoya, so why would I specifically tell you about this Its mainly because Shi Xiaoya had already been together with Han Zhuoling for a long time, so we all got used to it and did not put this on our minds anymore such that wed think of specifically mentioning it.”

Huo Dongsen scoffed and said, “Dont use the trick you used to deal with Shi Xiaoya on me.

You think nobody can tell”

Huo Dongsen coldly glanced at Gao Yaohai and Yuan Ailin.

“Its not just me who can tell.

Even Shi Xiaoya can also tell.

You really think everyone is so easy to fool I wonder if you guys thought of it before.

If Shi Xiaoya told Han Zhuoling about this, what do you think would happen”

Gao Yaohai and the others instantly revealed a hint of nervousness in their eyes, but they quickly concealed it.

Gao Yaohai laughed awkwardly and said, “What are you saying Why dont I get it What tricks did we use on Shi Xiaoya”

If Shi Xiaoya was here, she would be able to confirm that she had indeed guessed it right.

These people just harbored this kind of sly mentality, thinking that they definitely were not saying anything.

So if Shi Xiaoya thought more about it, then she would have misunderstood, and she would be the one thinking too much on her own.

So even if Han Zhuoling knew about it, he could not do anything to them.

After all, Shi Xiaoya was the one who had misunderstood.

If she misunderstood, could she still blame other people

Huo Dongsen sputtered out a laugh and said, “Then you all better pray that Han Zhuoling will bereasonable with you all.”

The moment Huo Dongsen said that, the faces of the other people finally changed, and they were not able to conceal anything at all.

They were unable to recover from the shock for quite a while.

Han Zhuoling would not… would not really be so petty, right!

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya naturally did not know about the anxiety and worry the others felt in their heart.

The two of them had arrived at Chu Zhaoyang and the others side right now.

Han Zhuoli and Lu Man were also there.

After the school anniversary celebrations ended, they went to Sheng Yue together.

The men would order a few dishes based on their wives tastes.

There would always be some dishes that their wives liked to eat.

Lu Man did not really like to eat fish and only ate it depending on how it was cooked.

She only liked those that did not have a fishy smell.

Among so many methods of cooking, she loved to eat the Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish the most.

This kind of appetizing sweet and sour taste was a taste that the others quite liked too.

Han Zhuoli then ordered some grilled skewers for Lu Man, along with a Braised Crab in Fishermens Style.

Because Lu Man actually was not a picky eater.

She liked to eat most things, so the other dishes that other people ordered were quite suited to Lu Mans tastes too.

Han Zhuoling said to Shi Xiaoya, “Sheng Yue doesnt sell baby lobsters.

I ordered Australian lobster for you and told them to prepare it like how baby lobsters are prepared for you.”

If other people heard this here, they would all think that Han Zhuoling really pampered Shi Xiaoya a lot.

If there were no baby lobsters, he just replaced it with Australian lobsters.

But on this matter, everyone was used to it and did not say anything; they did not even tease him.

After Han Zhuoling said that, he even said to Yan Beicheng, “Your hotel doesnt even have baby lobsters.”

It was said in a very disdainful tone.

Yan Beicheng: “…”

This was f*cking…

They were asking to eat baby lobsters here.

Was this appropriate

Which high-end hotel sold baby lobsters!

Han Zhuoli picked a piece of fish for Lu Man.

This fish did not have many bones and almost did not have any fine bones either.

But Han Zhuoli still picked out two pieces of bones after carefully examining the piece before putting it on Lu Mans plate.

As for the braised crab, Lu Man liked to do it herself.

And the taste in the crabs shell was very rich and thick, so Han Zhuoli did not help her with it.

When Lu Man picked up the fish, she felt a little weird..

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