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Chapter 2573: Havent Seen You for Two Years, and I Quite Missed You for Some Reason

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As long as Shi Xiaoya wanted something, her parents and older brother would definitely present it to her with both hands.

Gao Yaohai then said, “But Dongsen, before I said Xiaoya was also attending, you said you might not be able to make it back in time for the school anniversary.

You then asked me whos attending, and the moment I said Xiaoya, you immediately said you can make it back in time.

This is a little too much.”

As Gao Yaohai spoke, he did not look at Shi Xiaoya but at Yuan Ailin.

Shi Xiaoya did not miss Gao Yaohais glance.

She could not help but look at Yuan Ailin too.

Was this Gao Yaohai secretly communicating with Yuan Ailin or what

Shi Xiaoya forgot.

Gao Yaohai did not have any schemes on his mind.

It was just that there was a new slang now, called “simping.”

Huo Dongsen gave a low chuckle and said, “I did specifically change my schedule and came back early after hearing that Xiaoya is coming too.”

Huo Dongsens eyes stared straight at Shi Xiaoya as he said, “I hadnt seen you for two years, and I quite missed you for some reason.”

The moment he said that, everyones expression changed.

Yuan Ailins face looked especially ugly.

The reason why she had dared to keep misleading Shi Xiaoya and making jokes about them was because she felt that Huo Dongsen actually did not like Shi Xiaoya.

If not, why was it that every time they mentioned it, Huo Dongsen never once spoke a word

He just let Shi Xiaoya get made fun of by them and did not help out.

As long as Huo Dongsen had said even one word, it would have been able to save Shi Xiaoya from the awkward situation.

But he never said anything two years ago.

And yet, the moment he came back today, he said that.

Judging from his words, he really was going to confess!

Yuan Ailin never got a boyfriend all this time because she was waiting for him.

But after waiting for two years, she actually got these words from Huo Dongsen in return!

Yuan Ailin felt so furious that her features almost contorted in rage.

But she still remembered that Huo Dongsen was there, so she suppressed her emotions, not wanting to show her ugly side in front of him.

Shi Xiaoyas eyelids twitched twice.

Huo Dongsens first line was fine.

But that last sentence sounded really ambiguous.

Could it be that he really liked her

Shi Xiaoya did not believe that he liked her a lot.

If he really liked her, why did he not say it earlier and only waited until now to say it

Shi Xiaoya had been brought up in the Shi family, so she had been influenced from a young age.

She very quickly analyzed Huo Dongsens attitude.

He probably did not manage to find someone better and came back to realize that she was not bad.

Shi Xiaoya scoffed in her heart.

Huo Dongsen actually also suffered from being uninformed, having just returned from overseas, so he still did not know that Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling had gotten together.

Gao Yaohai and the others did not tell him either.

Yuan Ailin and the others were all waiting to make fun of Shi Xiaoya; of course they would not tell him about this.

Shi Xiaoya was thinking about how she should reply so she would not hurt Huo Dongsens pride.

When she was about to reply to him, her gaze fell behind Huo Dongsen.

Her face suddenly twitched twice and she instantly got a bad feeling.

Huo Dongsen did not see what she saw.

Just based on Shi Xiaoyas reaction, he even thought that she was at a loss for what to do at his sudden confession.


He was about to say something when suddenly, a low and deep voice interjected, “Xiaoya.”

Shi Xiaoya clearly did not do anything wrong, but when she saw Han Zhuoling, she felt guilty for some reason.

She laughed awkwardly in guilt twice and said, “Why did you come over”

Han Zhuoling walked over and hugged Shi Xiaoya around the waist very naturally.

So that people could see at once that he had done this before countless times.

“Old Chu and the others want to eat together.

Its rare for everyone to get the chance to get together..

Usually, there will always be a few people missing, so they want to have dinner together tonight,” Han Zhuoling said.

“I know you promised to go with your classmates first, but…”

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