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Chapter 2572: One Is Real, One Is Fake

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Shi Xiaoya explained herself in great detail.

That is, that she did not come not because of Huo Dongsen but because she had just been busy and did not have time to come.

If they did not believe it, they could go online to check.

The names of the people on the behind-the-scenes production teams of film and television dramas were written in great detail there.

They could go and look for it themselves.

Shi Xiaoya was all smiles as she refuted all their romantic nuances.

So they would not be able to make a topic of this matter anymore next time.

Huo Dongsen stared at Shi Xiaoya with a bit of surprise.

In the past, whenever they touched on these things, Shi Xiaoya would always smile awkwardly and would not say much more.

He did not expect that she would take the initiative to retort this time.

Huo Dongsen did actually know what Gao Yaohai and the others motives were.

They just wanted to make fun of Shi Xiaoya.

Because Shi Xiaoya was different from them, made different choices from them, and obviously did not fit in with them.

With such a comparison, Shi Xiaoya became the weirdo in their class.

Because only Shi Xiaoya chose a job that was unrelated to her family business and did not rely on her familys prowess.

Some of the girls in their class had started their own brands.

But where did their venture capital come from

From where did they get their money to start a company

Of course their family gave it to them.

How did they clinch their first business deal

Either their family gave it to them, or their family pulled their connections to make it work.

How did they promote their brand

Their family spent money to promote it.

They just had a nice title as rich second-generation heirs who came out to start their own businesses.

And the guys, needless to say, had followed the paths their families had planned out for them.

Only Shi Xiaoya had wanted to do the things she liked to do.

She had her own goals and dreams, and yet her family still supported her.

This was fine.

Her family supported her, and yet she still relied on her own hard work and capabilities to attain the achievements she had one step at a time to this day.

Hers was the true definition of success.

It was different from the kind of success that those who relied on their families had achieved.

One was real, one was fake.

Shi Xiaoya had wanted to do it, and she had actually managed to do it.

Huo Dongsen knew that these people wanted to make fun of Shi Xiaoya even more out of jealousy.

This kind of mentality was really ridiculous and shameful.

Huo Dongsen looked down on it a lot.

But before he went overseas, Gao Yaohai and the others had long started to joke about him and Shi Xiaoya.

He did not deny it and just smiled ambiguously at the side.

He did not deny it because he really did have good feelings for Shi Xiaoya.

And the Shi family was worthy of the Huo family too.

But he had to go overseas, and no one knew what would happen in two years.

Who knew if he would encounter a better opportunity or a better partner overseas

So even in front of everyones jokes about them, he never made his stand.

He knew that those specious words that those people said could be explained in any way.

No matter whether he liked or did not like her, no matter how he made his stand, they would be able to explain themselves around it.

But as long as he said that he liked her, those people would definitely be stunned.

The whole bunch of them would look dumbstruck.

They would definitely not expect that though they just wanted to tease Shi Xiaoya, they had become matchmakers instead and turned it into something real.

But he did not do that and prioritized his own interests first.

But now, he was back, and he did not meet anyone more suitable overseas.

Thus, he could make his attitude clear to Shi Xiaoya now.

He liked Shi Xiaoya to begin with, setting aside how highly the Shi family members regarded her.

Shi Xiaoyas parents and older brother all pampered her so much.

Marrying her was much better than marrying a woman who just wanted to get married for the sake of a union between their families.

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