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Who knew that Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi would be the ones standing behind the door!

“Elder sister,” Xia Qingyang called, grinning from ear to ear.

“Youre home Have you eaten”

As she spoke, she tried to enter the house.

However, Xia Qingwei stopped them right at the door.

“Why are you here! You are not welcome here!”

“Elder sister, please dont say that.

You are my elder sister, Im here to visit you and Man Man,” Xia Qingyang was smiling as if she was trying her best to suck up to Xia Qingwei.

Xia Qingwei frowned.

“You dont have to.

You havent come over once in ten years, theres no need for you to visit now either.”

After she spoke, Xia Qingwei harshly closed the door in their face.

Xia Qingyang hurriedly pushed against the door.

By her side, Lu Qi helped too.

“Older sister, please dont do this, we are sisters after all.

Ive brought Qi Qi along to visit you too, please let us in,” Xia Qingyang said.

“Hmph! Back then, when you seduced your own brother-in-law, why didnt you think about the fact that I am your elder sister Youve already been married to him for ten years, yet this is the first time youve thought of visiting me.

I dont dare to have such a sister relationship with you.

Go away!” Xia Qingwei said furiously, “You mother-daughter duo, dont dirty our house with your filth!”

“Elder sister, speak softer!” Xia Qingyangs expression immediately changed.

It was fine for her to be embarrassed, but her daughter was a big celebrity, she couldnt let others know and cause another scandal for her.

Xia Qingwei laughed coldly.

“If youre scared of embarrassing yourselves, then get the heck out of here! Besides, I dont care about anything anymore, Im not afraid of embarrassing myself.

If you insist on staying here, Ill tell everyone about your dirty deeds, Im not afraid of others making fun of me!”

Hearing the ruckus coming from the door, Lu Man took her gloves off, afraid that Xia Qingwei was being downtrodden.

“Mom, whats going on” She walked over.

Xia Qingyang still wanted to stop Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi, as she did not wish to let Lu Man see them lest she feels uncomfortable.

“Its nothing, just some strangers.”

“Lu Man, its me! Its me and Qi Qi!” Xia Qingyang took the opportunity and called hurriedly.

“Elder sister, its us!” Lu Qi called too.

Seeing them, Lu Man could roughly guess the reason why they had come.

“Why are you here” Xia Qingwei asked coldly.

Seeing that the situation did not seem optimistic and probably they wont be able to enter today, Xia Qingyang could only talk about it at the door, “Lu Man, Ive heard that youve been chosen by Director Sun Yiwu to be the third female lead in his new film”

Lu Man raised her eyebrows and mocked her sarcastically, “You sure hear about the news very quickly.”

They knew about something that happened this afternoon so soon.

Lu Man did not know that it was Ye Xuanxuan who told Ye Xiaoxing and then Ye Xiaoxing told this Lu Qiyuan.

Ye Xiaoxing was fired and even now, she had still not found a suitable job.

She could not get into any of the good companies now, but as she already had experience working in Han Corporation, she did not want to join a very small company that would pay her a meager salary.

Hence, she could only stay at home and keep hating Lu Man.

When she heard the news from Ye Xuanxuan, she immediately told Lu Qiyuan, thinking that she could ruin Lu Mans chance.

Lu Qi could not even get an offer and Lu Man was thinking of filming

No way!

When Xia Qingyang heard about it and realized that it was indeed true, she was extremely furious and livid.

She thought to herself that Sun Yiwu must be blind, refusing so many other actors and choosing Lu Man instead who was an outsider not even from the industry.

“Lu Man, arent you working well in the Han Corporation public relations department Why are you becoming an actor Let me tell you, its not easy being an actor, and its difficult to survive in the entertainment industry too, its not as glamorous as it looks.

You should just stay in the Public Relations department and work hard, Ive heard that youve even won the Golden Finger Best Newcomer Award recently, isnt that quite good Why give all of that up”

“How is it any of your business what career I choose” Lu Man scoffed, “I didnt even know that you cared so much about me.”


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