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Chapter 2556: Well-planned

“Even though the Han Corporation had already said that they would not let any artists under them compete to become Trubos spokesperson and even other companies would not let artists join, the artists themselves did not say anything.

Theres still a chance of taking it back if their position was made known through the company as they did not say anything themselves.

“Theyll all want to save themselves a path by not completely destroying their chance of working with Trubo.

Even if they cant work together now, after a while, when the online community forgets about this, they can continue to collaborate.

I think this is the normal mindset of most celebrities now.”

Yan Zhiqing laughed and said, “They planned well.”

“But this is also a chance for you,” reminded Lu Man.

“Once they have made their position known, whatever you say would be ineffective.

Furthermore, peoples good impression of you will be snatched away and you will gain a bad reputation easily.

If all of the others had already said something, I wont be telling you this and asking you to fight with Lu Xiuse and Trubo.

“But since they have not spoken as they want to save themselves an opportunity, you can go and fight,” said Lu Man.

“Not only can you gain fans for yourself, but you can also destroy all their opportunities to do so.

If you stand out, the others will do the same due to the pressure of the netizens and to protect their reputation.

Then, you wont need your older brother to do anything.

Nobody would touch anything from Trubo; they wont even use anything that is sponsored by Trubo during events.

“This way, you can ruin any backup plans that Trubo has.

Even if they want to find someone else, they wont be able to find any,” said Lu Man.

“As for Lu Xiuse…”

Lu Man smiled.

“No matter how embarrassed Trubo is now, even if they dont have any other people to choose from, they wont choose Lu Xiuse.”

Yan Zhiqing also thought about this.

After the matter regarding Lu Xiuse and Edwood was exposed, Lu Xiuses many wrongdoings would be found out by other people.

Lu Xiuses reputation would be completely destroyed just like how the brands reputation was destroyed.

Especially the person in charge and Edwood.

Now, Trubos priority was to break off any relationship with Lu Xiuse.

It could be said that Trubo would now rather ask an unpopular celebrity to become their spokesperson than to ask Lu Xiuse.

“Got it, Ill do it now,” said Yan Zhiqing.

After a short while, all the netizens saw that Yan Zhiqing had spoken.

“Because of the unhappy thing that happened at noon today, I announce that I will never endorse Trubos products, nor will I ever collaborate with Trubo.

Originally, I thought that Trubos reputation and popularity was excellent, so Id intended to fight to become Trubos spokesperson.

“Trubo had contacted my manager and wanted to have a meal with me at noon today to have a discussion.

Originally, they only invited me, but when I arrived, I saw Lu Xiuse there.

But nevermind, we should all fight fair and square.

I went with a mindset of discussing business, but I didnt expect Trubo to be so unprofessional.


Edwood stuck to Lu Xiuse like glue at the dining table.

I dont even want to talk about that scene.

Thats right, there are actions like this in this world.

To fight for resources, they use everything that they have.

Even if I dont like it, I wont look down on anyone.

I know very clearly who does this kind of thing, but I have never said it to the public.

Everyone is using their own skills.

Even if I am not happy about it, I have no right to stop others from doing so.

However, please dont do such disgusting things in front of me; its like telling me that if I dont do the same thing, I wont be able to fight with you.”

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