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Chapter 2555: Making a Move Together

Hence, regarding those areas, Trubo had no choice.

It must also be reasonably priced.

A huge corporation like Trubo must have many employees around the world who went on business trips.

The standard of the hotel would be different with respect to the different positions of the employees.

But mostly, they were all inexpensive hotels.

Because they were blacklisted by Yan Hui, theyd lost half of their choices.

There were even many hotels that had chains overseas and had a high percentage in the market.

This made them lose a lot of choices.

Nevermind these.

Among the eight great families, which family did not have properties like these

The Qi Family, the two Wei Families, the Han Family, the Zhao Family, the Qin Family, and the Chu Family.

Theyd all announced that any of their properties or business entities, whether it be hotels or others, would never provide any services for employees of Trubo.

Right after, Nan Jingheng appeared and announced that Nan Yin would not collaborate with Trubo.

Trubos advertising could not go through Nan Yin anymore.

And Nan Yin was the biggest media company, apart from the official media, in the country.

Trubo did not have any right to collaborate with the official media.

Without Nan Yins help to advertise, advertising by other small media companies would be a waste of time.

And because of the Nan Family, the other small media companies felt pressured to not work with Trubo.

The Han Corporation also stated their position.

“Trubo used such an unprofessional way to choose their brand spokesperson.

All the celebrities under the Han Corporation will withdraw from competing for becoming Trubos spokesperson.

We do not want to endorse such an unprofessional brand.”

All the celebrities under the Han Corporation did not have any objections against the decision that the Han Corporation had made.

They did not feel forced.

It was all because of the situation now.

Being a spokesperson for Trubo was like holding a hot potato; who would dare to accept their offer

Who would want to be suspected by the netizens of using an improper way to get the position

The reputation of being Trubos spokesperson was all destroyed by Lu Xiuse.

Even without Yan Beicheng offering compensation, the celebrities from other companies also announced their withdrawal from the competition for the position.

During this time, whoever stayed would be stupid.

If they made their stance quickly by making a clean break with Trubo and proving their innocence, they would still be able to protect their own reputation.

They could not destroy their hard-earned reputation for the benefits right in front of their eyes.

In an instant, only Lu Xiuse was left as Trubos candidate for the spokesperson position.

They did not even have any other people to choose from!

The netizens were shaken by the number of families that had made a move together.

“The last time these people showed their faces in unity was when Han Zhuoli and Lu Man made their relationship known to the public, right”

“That is not the same as now.

Last time, when the two announced things to the public, these families came to support them and give their blessings; that is not a big deal.

However, this time, it wont be a stretch to say that theyre starting an economic war.”

“Can Trubo even fight with all the eight great families combined”

“Hehe, Trubos mind must have been kicked by a donkey.

They didnt even know how to be low-key when coming into our territory.

This brand has not even settled in officially and they are already acting all high and mighty.

Just wait until they get taught how to be nice by the good ol Yan Family.”

“After this fight, who would dare to endorse Trubo Whoever is connected to Trubo would have their reputation ruined.”

Lu Man did not stop at all.

After discussing with Yan Beicheng, she immediately contacted Yan Zhiqing.

“Zhiqing, make your stand now.

You dont need to speak using your workshops name, youll be speaking as yourself.

It also doesnt need to be an official statement, just speak like usual.

Whatever you want to say to Trubo or to Lu Xiuse, just let it out.

You dont need to think about whether your words are suitable.

“As of now, any words you use are suitable.

Even if it is fierce, the netizens will think those are your true feelings.

Most of the people are on your side,” Lu Man told Yan Zhiqing using voice message.

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