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Chapter 2552: The Opportunity for Publicity

Lu Man quickly looked.

The entire story, from the beginning to the end, was explained with the chat log.

Clear pictures were attached as well.

If one had only looked at the pictures, one would not be able to confirm what had happened.

However, as the detailed story stated in the chat log matched the picture, things became clear.

Yan Zhiqing had no mercy.

Lu Xiuse kept playing tricks and competing with her.

It was quite annoying.

And so, Yan Zhiqing had also sent Lu Xiuses pictures to Lu Man.

When Lu Man saw the pictures, she knew what Yan Zhiqing wanted her to do.

And so, she chose some pictures of Lu Xiuse and sent them to Eight Skin Entertainment for him to publish.

When the pictures were published, Lu Xiuse was still in the restaurant with Edwood.

It was done.

However, Lu Xiuse wanted a confirmation.

She wanted to be fully confident that she would get the position of spokesperson.

She had already slept with him.

if she didnt get anything in the end, then it would be considered a loss.

Therefore, she refused to leave.

She wanted Edwood to give her a confirmation.

While Edwood was taking a shower, Lu Xiuse contacted her manager as she wanted to release news of her being the celebrity having the highest potential of becoming Trubos new spokesperson.

She specifically asked her manager to disclose that Trubo really liked her and that the negotiation between her and Trubo had been going well and had already reached the final stage of the agreement.

Yet, when she contacted her manager, her manager responded, “You contacted me at the right time.

I was just about to message you.

Look at what I am about to send you.”

The manager then sent a few screenshots over and sent the pictures.

“What happened Why werent you more cautious How could you let someone take such a clear picture of you” the manager said.

“Are you using this to get free publicity

“This type of publicity will only ruin yourself.

Dont you know” The manager scolded her hastily, “It is okay if you wanted more publicity, but you should have at least discussed this with me! How can you make decisions by yourself It blew up online.

Now, you want me to clean up this mess for you If you are this capable, dont leave such a huge mess.”

Lu Xiuse was dumbfounded.

She couldnt even bother replying to her managers berating messages.

As she stared at the pictures, she felt her vision blacking out.

Her fingers were trembling as she stared at these pictures.

The manager thought it was Lu Xiuse who had planned this publicity stunt because these pictures were very clear.

It was obvious that these pictures were taken from up close.

These pictures were too clear to be sneak shots.

The pictures indicated that the person who took them was secretly hiding in the room.

To capture such a clear image of the situation, the person who took the picture must have been in the room.

Therefore, the manager thought it was Lu Xiuse who had done this as a publicity stunt.

Currently, Lu Xiuse felt that her hands and feet were ice-cold.

Although she did not have the reputation of a pure and innocent girl, she did not want the public to know of these things.

“I did not do it!” Lu Xiuse couldnt even bother typing.

She immediately sent her manager a voice message.

“I would never use these pictures to attract the publics attention.

I am not stupid! I just wanted to become Trubos new spokesperson.”

The weather was extremely hot today.

Lu Xiuse was so angry that her lips were trembling.

Her entire body suddenly shivered.

“It must be Yan Zhiqing!” Lu Xiuse didnt dare to hide anything from her manager as she confessed everything, “CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang from Trubo got drunk.

CEO Luo then molested Yan Zhiqing, and Yan Zhiqing became so angry that she made a scene at the hotel.

You can see it through the pictures.

“That b*tch! Trubo definitely wont let her be their new spokesperson.

Sheng Yue also said that the hotel will never host anyone from Trubo.

Yan Zhiqing must have still felt angry, so she published those pictures.”

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