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Chapter 2547: When Did You Get Together

CEO Zhang felt especially grand when he paid the bill, signing with a magnificent flourish.

Upon ensuring that the bill was paid, General Manager smiled and said to his subordinates, “Blacklist these few people and Trubo.

All our hotels and restaurants will not accept whoever it is as long as theyre from Trubo.”

The General Manager spoke in Mandarin, so Edwood and Chanders couldnt understand.

They only saw the GM speaking with a smile, having no idea he was speaking such words.

They might not understand, but they saw the sudden change in CEO Luos and Deputy CEOs Zhang faces—looks of disbelief and shock.

CEO Luo stood.

“What do you mean by this!”

The GM remained smiling.

All CEO Luo thought was, To hell with customers are kings!

What a wolf in sheeps clothing!

“I meant what I said.

Our hotels and all the restaurants and bars within will no longer host any of you, including anybody from Trubo.

Please go elsewhere for your business meetings in the future,” the General Manager said pleasantly.

“Youre kicking us out” CEO Luo fumed.

“Oh no.

Didnt I wait for you to be done with your meal and pay Im not kicking you out, just asking you to not come here anymore.”

The most infuriating wasnt his words.

It was how he was speaking with such a pleasant demeanor.

If this was the usual, this polite smile would put customers at ease and made them feel at home.

But coupled with his words, it made CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang feel mocked.

“You think youre the only hotel around” CEO Luo seethed.

“There are plenty of restaurants elsewhere, not only here!”

“Thats right.” The GM nodded, unfazed by his words.

He gestured towards the door.


“Hmph!” Deputy CEO Zhang stood as well.

“So You guys can only use this method to stand up for Yan Zhiqing”

Seemed like the Yan Family wasnt that great after all.

The General Manager only maintained his smile.

Just wait and see.

Not long after, theyd know how Yan Beicheng was going to stand up for Yan Zhiqing.

But in the eyes of CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang, the General Manager was merely putting on a pretense.

Only fierce on the outside but a coward at heart.

A facade to save face.

Seeing their expressions, Edwood questioned, “What is it What did he just say”

CEO Luo explained with a dark face, “He said Sheng Yue and all their hotels and restaurants wont host anyone from Trubo anymore.”

Edwood scoffed.

“So its like that.

I was wondering what major thing had happened.

Theres plenty of restaurants and cafes, not just them.

That person just now didnt have the capability to take revenge for Yan Zhiqing so they can only use such childish methods.

How laughable.”

Chanders stood too.

“Lets go, stop wasting time with them.

A lousy place like this, we wont come even if they begged us to.

Theyll know their loss.”

Thus, everyone left.

Lu Xiuse then worked harder at her charms, and seeing how much initiative Lu Xiuse had, Edwood brought her along with him.


Yan Beicheng and the others were waiting at Sheng Yues entrance.

Yan Beicheng asked Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai directly, “Whats with you guys When did you get together”

He just couldnt understand.

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