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Chapter 2539: Do You Know the Consequences of Offending Us

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“But if I didnt provoke you people, you all better not think of harboring any designs on me too!” Yan Zhiqing patted her leg.

It was right at the spot that CEO Luo had just touched.

“What a disgusting f*cker!”

Edwood and Chanders did not understand what she said, but it did not prevent them from understanding that Yan Zhiqing was cursing the others.

Judging from Yan Zhiqings outraged expression, could she possibly be saying something nice

Edwood pushed Lu Xiuse aside.

Lu Xiuse almost fell to the floor from his push.

She quickly went back to sit properly on her seat.

Edwood stood up.

He actually maintained his demeanor and did not behave upset and outraged like CEO Luo and Deputy CEO Zhang did.

He had just been engaged in such indecent behavior with Lu Xiuse just then, yet now, he was looking all prim and proper, standing up with his back straight.

In Yan Zhiqings eyes, he was just a despicable person faking his decency.

“Miss Yan, is this your attitude when discussing brand endorsement deals” Edwood asked coldly.

“No matter what, you shouldnt hit people.”

“You doubt my attitude when discussing the endorsement, but I doubt your sincerity when discussing the endorsement.

Are you looking for a spokesperson suited to your brand, or are you looking for a spokesperson who can satisfy your needs in bed”

Yan Zhiqing pointed at CEO Luo, who was slumped on the floor, and said, “This is exactly how the head of the country branch of your company whom you hired is like.

From what I can tell, the things that you all do dont match the luxurious and elegant image of your brand.

I would rather not endorse a brand like this.”

Just looking at the actions of these few, she knew this matter would be exposed sooner or later.

Especially as any celebrity with a bit of fame would always have paparazzi following them around.

Actually, Lu Xiuses matter had already been caught on camera by the paparazzi.

They just did not release it yet.

It also had to do with how Lu Xiuse networked with them in private.

“Do you know the consequences of offending us” Chanders also stood up and said, “You think you are only offending this one brand of ours With this attitude of yours, other brands wouldnt want to use you either.

“And our brand is held under the same corporation as quite a few other luxury brands.

If you offend us, you can also forget about getting any resources from the other brands under our corporation,” Chanders said coldly.

“Then so be it.” Yan Zhiqing did not care.

“As for whether I really can or cannot get it, what you say doesnt count.

Let your corporations CEO talk to my Yan Family about it, then.”

Edwood was stunned for a moment.

He did hear about the Yan Family before, and he heard that the family had some influence in the country.

But no matter how impressive, they were only impressive in the country.

They even wanted to compare themselves to world-class reputable families

What a joke.

And to even let their corporations CEO speak to the Yan Family.

Did they have the right to be spoken to as equals

Edwood thought to himself that just because Yan Zhiqings family had some standing in the country, Yan Zhiqing became so proud and arrogant that she thought that there was no problem that her Yan Family could not solve.

Life would surely teach her a lesson.

Yan Zhiqing did not know what Edwood was thinking about deep down.

If she knew, she would scoff and call him an idiot.

He even managed to become a brands CEO like this.

Yan Zhiqing turned and walked out.

“Dont go!” CEO Luo finally clambered up from the floor.

How could he let Yan Zhiqing leave just like that

Todays matter had caused quite a scene.

What if Yan Zhiqing went around spouting rubbish

He had to wrap things up properly first.

And Yan Zhiqing had hit him.

He looked so pathetic now.

How could he take it lying down

CEO Luo also did not know what he was thinking.

After all, he did not dare to offend the Yan Family, but he just felt angry and unable to suck it up, so he just wanted to stop Yan Zhiqing from leaving first before thinking about anything else.

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