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Chapter 2536: Youre Drunk

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But at this moment, all of CEO Luos bad alcohol breaths spewed onto her face.

Yan Zhiqing turned up her face in disgust and asked mockingly, “Lu Xiuse is showing her sincerity to Edwood now.

So then, before this, did she also let you and Deputy CEO Zhang see her sincerity”

CEO Luo had a look of yearning on his face and even licked his lips.

His perverted, despicable smile disgusted Yan Zhiqing.

“Haha, of course she showed us.

She didnt just show us, but she also let us experience it physically.” The foul smell of alcohol spewed out again from CEO Luos mouth as he continued, “Me and Deputy CEO Zhang together, hahaha…

“Xiuse is such an amazing person.

Are all the people in your entertainment industry as smooth-running as her” CEO Luo was swaying, as if he could no longer sit still in his seat.

He suddenly put his hand on Yan Zhiqings knee and said, “Miss Yan, do you know why Xiuse can sit here today

“Thats right.

At the start, we really only just invited you over.

For things like brand endorsements, of course its better to discuss things one-on-one.

But Xiuse came to discuss with me and Deputy CEO Zhang beforehand.

She begged us very sincerely.”

CEO Luo licked his lips and said, “We were moved by her sincerity, so we also arranged for her to be here.”

Yan Zhiqing felt disgusted and pushed CEO Luos hand away without trying to be polite at all.

She understood what CEO Luos words implied, and she also understood how exactly Lu Xiuse showed the two of them her sincerity.

Based on what CEO Luo implied in his words, she actually showed her sincerity to both of them at once.

Two men and one woman…

Just thinking of that scenario made Yan Zhiqing so disgusted that she wanted to throw up.

CEO Luo lowered his head and looked at the hand that Yan Zhiqing pushed away.

He was intoxicated, and his lust took over his senses.

He thought to himself that though Yan Zhiqing was begging them, she still dared to put on airs around them.

So he put his hand firmly on Yan Zhiqings lap.

“CEO Luo, youre drunk,” Yan Zhiqing said coldly.

Mou Danqiong also came over, wanting to get CEO Luo away from her.

Unexpectedly, CEO Luo gave an evil grin and said, “Yan Zhiqing, do you still want this brand endorsement or not This endorsement deal of ours is not something the Yan Family can give you with just a word.

Trubo is not a domestic brand, its foundations are not in the country, so no matter how big your Yan Familys influence is, it wont be able to control it!

“Let me tell you, if I can convince Edwood and the others today to arrange for Lu Xiuse to come over, then with just a few words from us, we can similarly stop you from becoming the spokesperson for this brand!”

“CEO Luo, you are drunk!” Mou Danqiongs face hardened and turned dark.

This man was really gutsy.

Did he have a death wish

She wanted to take CEO Luos hand away from Yan Zhiqings leg.

Alas, she actually could not move it.

CEO Luos hand tightly grabbed Yan Zhiqings leg and just would not move.

“At first, Edwood was indeed quite keen on having you, but who asked you not to show your sincerity like how Lu Xiuse did Look at how Lu Xiuse performs.

That there looks like someone who is really trying very hard to compete for this,” CEO Luo said.

On the opposite end of the table, Lu Xiuse had already climbed into Edwoods arms.

Edwoods hands also very impolitely reached into her clothes.

“But no matter what, Edwood doesnt understand the situation in the country and wouldnt always be here.

So, to celebrities in the country, exactly who will be more suitable and can take on this endorsement, doesnt it still depend on our word”

CEO Luo laughed gleefully.

After trying Lu Xiuse, he felt a little airy and arrogant.

He thought of how Lu Xiuse, an A-list female celebrity in the country who was entering the international scene, also had to curry favor with him, take off her clothes willingly in front of him, and do her best to serve him.

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