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Chapter 2514: Wear It Again

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“…” Yan Zhiqing held Old Mrs.

Yans hand and said, “Grandma, those people are all like older brothers to me.

What else can I think of them Besides Han Zhuoling, who has a fiancee, Han Zhuofeng is even one year younger than me.

I like people who are a little older than me.”

“Then Zhao Gushen, Wei Zhiqian, and Wei Wucai, they are all pretty good too.” Old Mrs.

Yan counted with her fingers as she spoke.

“Lets not talk about Zhao Gushen and Wei Zhiqian.

Ive known both of them since I was young and really just treat them like older brothers.

Aside from us not being blood-related, they are not much different from biological older brothers to me,” Yan Zhiqing explained.

When Old Mrs.

Yan heard that she actually left out only Wei Wucai, she immediately asked, “Then what about Wei Wucai He grew up in Mount Lan Compound, so you two had few chances to interact.

What do you think of him after seeing him this time around”

Mentioning other people was fine, but speaking of Wei Wucai almost made Yan Zhiqing jump up from the sofa as if she was a cat whose tail got stepped on.

“Its even more impossible for Wei Wucai compared to the rest of them!” Yan Zhiqing said.

She did not control her volume properly for a moment.

Old Mrs.

Yan patted her chest and said, “Aiyo, you almost scared me.

Why are you so agitated”

Yan Zhiqing quickly helped Old Mrs.

Yan to ease her chest and said, “Grandma, you better not think of me hitting on him.

Anyone else would have a higher chance than him.”

Old Mrs.

Yan said, “Aiyo” and continued asking, “What happened”

Yan Zhiqing pursed her lips and said, “Its nothing much, actually, we just cant get along.

That man isnt gentlemanly at all, and he has such a vicious mouth.”

Yan Zhiqing pursed her lips and shook her head hard.

“Anyway, he is completely not the type that I like.

It is impossible between the two of us! Grandma, please dont overthink and try to match us together.”

“Alright, alright.” Old Mrs.

Yan could only give up on the idea.

Yan Zhiqing was really scared of Old Mrs.

Yan and quickly said, “Grandma, I will go and remove my makeup first.

I will come back and chat with you in a moment.”

“Go ahead,” Old Mrs.

Yan said as she smiled.

Yan Zhiqing quickly left.


Lu Man and Han Zhuoli returned home.

When Lu Man was done washing up in the bathroom and opened the door, she saw Han Zhuoli blocking her right at the door.

He had already changed into comfortable home clothes.

It was a simple short-sleeved t-shirt paired with loose and long cotton pants.

She could smell the scent of shampoo and shower gel from his body, so he had probably just bathed.

He did not style his hair like he did usually in the day.

Now that he was relaxed, his hair also lay softly on his forehead, and he looked much younger.

He was a grown, mature man who was more than thirty years old, but at this moment, he looked just like a 25- or 26-year-old man, only a few years older than a teenager, which was a far cry from how mature he usually looked like.

Han Zhuoli lowered his head and kissed her lips as she walked towards him as usual.

Lu Man was not prepared at all and gasped, taking half a step back subconsciously.

Alas, Han Zhuolis movements were even faster.

As if he had expected her reaction, he reached out and held the back of her waist.

He slightly pulled, bringing her into his arms.

Lu Man subconsciously clutched his clothes.

At the same time, Han Zhuolis kiss landed on her lips once again.

Lu Man was subconsciously led by him and, unknowingly, she was brought into the bedroom by him.

“Man Man,” Han Zhuoli called.

His voice was a little hoarse and thick with desire.

“Hm” Lu Man replied in a daze.

She was still immersed in Han Zhuolis kiss, and her mind was hazy.

Even as Han Zhuoli was talking, his lips did not leave hers at all.

He just pressed his lips against hers, caressing them with each word he said.

“Wear your wedding dress again for me to see,” Han Zhuoli coaxed her seductively.

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