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Chapter 2512: No More Than That

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Even after Wei Zhiqian already had grandkids, Wei Wucai might still not be able to bring her daughter-in-law home.

“Xiao Cai, you have always been in T City.

You rarely come back.

Since you are home, just stay longer,” Dong Muping said.

“Alright.” Wei Wucai nodded in agreement.

“Thats what I had in mind as well.

Its not busy in the Mount Lan Compound recently, so I requested vacation days from the Young Master so that I can stay and keep you guys company for a longer period of time.”

“Good! Good! Good!” Dong Muping nodded hastily as she said, “Since you are home, you should get to know more girls.”

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

“Mom, this is why I dont dare to come home.

You need to stop introducing girls to me whenever I am here.”

“You are 28! How can I not be worried I am not pushing you to get married to anyone.

Most importantly, it must be someone you like.

But you have to get to know a few girls to know who you might like.

If you dont meet anyone, there is no chance of anyone falling for you.

“If you were willing to meet others, maybe you would find the one you like” Dong Muping said.

Feeling helpless, Wei Wucai looked down and said, “I am meeting only one per week.

No more than that.”

“No problem!” Dong Muping responded happily.

The scene changed.

Yan Zhiqing went home as well.

She usually stayed alone in the center of the city and would occasionally go back to the old house to visit her grandparents.

Before she moved out, she had always stayed with her grandparents.

She had gone filming for a long time and had only returned yesterday.

And today, she came to be Lu Mans bridesmaid.

And so, she went back to the old house to keep her grandparents company.

When she went into the house, her grandparents were still awake.


Grandma.” Yan Zhiqing passed through the door, kicked her shoes away, and didnt even change into her slippers as she rushed toward her grandparents.

“Ive missed you two so much!”

“Oh no! You should wear your slippers! Wear your slippers! The floor is cold,” her grandma said with a smile.

Yan Zhiqing sat down beside her grandma and placed her legs on the couch.

“Its summer.

The floor is hot.

Its fine.”

“Its not good still.

You might think its not cold, but it is still cold.

You should always keep the bottom of your feet warm,” Grandma Yan said.

“You are a girl.

If you interact with cold air or humidity, your body will suffer.

You have to care for your health, especially because you participate in back-to-back film production all year long and have to do things that you dont want to do.

Since you are home, you are able and should be more careful.”

Others might see only Yan Zhiqings fame and her glamorous lifestyle, but they had no idea how much effort Yan Zhiqing had invested in her career.

Many actors and actresses used body doubles.

They wouldnt suffer even a little bit.

When the weather was hot, theyd have their body double do the acting for them.

When it was too cold, theyd have their body double do their job for them.

They even had a stunt double doing the wire stunt technique for them.

The only acting they did was for close-up shots.

They got their pay easily, which was usually an amount that ordinary people could never earn in one lifetime.

Because of this, many people thought it was easy for celebrities to earn money.

They could easily earn money without an impartial, independent, and professional attitude.

They could then spend that money extravagantly.

However, Grandma knew that Yan Zhiqing was not this kind of person.

No matter how dangerous the scenes she had to shoot, she would do it successfully by herself.

Even when it was during the coldest winter and when the temperature had dropped several degrees below zero, she never hesitated when she was asked to jump into the freezing seawaters.

She did all these so that the final film produced would have smoother transitions as well as be more real and beautiful.

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