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Chapter 2497: Destined to Be Single for Life

“If you jump at a safer pace, I wont hug you so tightly!” Yan Zhiqing protested.

“Seriously…” Wei Wucai said angrily.

“Youre a girl.

What are you leaning so close to me for”

Yan Zhiqing: “…”


Was he being disdainful of her

He was clearly the one taking advantage of her as she leaned closely to him, yet he made it sound as if she was being shameless now.

Yan Zhiqing was a hot-tempered person, so she immediately retorted, “Im even tempted to say that youre doing it on purpose.

I clearly told you to jump step by step, yet you insist on jumping two steps every time, scaring me so much that I have no choice but to hug you tightly.

Are you purposely trying to take advantage of me, huh”

After saying that, Yan Zhiqing glanced at him and happened to see that the tips of Wei Wucais ears were so red, it looked just like burning red-hot iron and was even glowing from the redness.

In her mind, Yan Zhiqing exclaimed, “What the f*ck” She thought to herself, Could it be that Wei Wucai feels shy

He was this pure-hearted

Anyway, he did not seem like he was tired.

Anyway, his face was not red, and his breathing was not messed up either.

It was just the tips of his ears that had reddened.

This was interesting.

Yan Zhiqing harbored that suspicion in her heart and then hugged him even more tightly with all four limbs.

She exerted even more strength with her legs.

Wei Wucai felt his waist tighten, and he just froze on the stairs.

Yan Zhiqing watched as Wei Wucais face even started reddening right before her eyes.

So he was really feeling shy!

It was really hard to tell that this man with such a toxic mouth could actually feel shy so easily!

Yan Zhiqing wanted to laugh but she held it in.

Her mouth twitched before she said, “Your physical strength is quite average.

Your face is already so red now.”

Wei Zhiqians ears twitched a bit and he instantly said to Han Zhuoling and the others, “Looks like Xiao Cai cant even compare to me.”

Everyone: Haha.

Its no use, you wont be able to clear your name.

Wei Wucai was holding Yan Zhiqing by the legs, and he hoisted her up a little before he tsked and said, “Are you really only 47.5kg Why do I feel like Im carrying a 150kg piglet on my back”

Yan Zhiqing: “…”


She really regretted not wearing all the sandbags on her so she could let him have a taste of what 150kg felt like!

“Why dont you shut up!” Yan Zhiqing said angrily.

No wonder he had been single all this time.

He deserved to be single!

He was destined to be single!

Shi Xiaoya reminded them from the foot of the staircase, “Theres still 16 seconds left! Fifteen seconds!”

There were only two steps left, so Wei Wucai just jumped right over them.

“Its a success, a success!” Wei Wucai immediately said.

Yan Zhiqing pursed her lips.

If she had known earlier, she would have set it to 30 seconds.

One minute was not much of a challenge to Wei Wucai at all.

Wei Wucai waited for quite a while but did not feel Yan Zhiqing let go.

He said, “Stop clinging on to me.

Quick, get down.”

Yan Zhiqing was really too shocked and angry and forgot about it.

Who knew Wei Wucai would actually urge her to get off with so much disdain!

“You let go of me first!” Yan Zhiqing said angrily.

Wei Wucai then realized that he had been holding on to her legs all along.

He quickly let go, as if he got scalded.

Yan Zhiqing then slid down from his back.

It was really because of the weights she had on her body that Yan Zhiqings movements were not very agile.

Wei Wucai felt the softness gliding down his back so closely to his body, making him freeze on the spot.

When she landed on the floor, Shi Xiaoya and Zheng Yuan helped Yan Zhiqing take off the sandbags on her elbows.

Yan Zhiqing then took off the sandbags on her legs too.

Instantly, she felt her whole body relax.

She shook her elbows and rotated her ankles.

They were already starting to hurt a little now.

She would definitely get muscle aches tomorrow.

Yet she saw that Wei Wucai seemed to be perfectly fine, making Yan Zhiqing grit her teeth while mincing her lips.

Shi Xiaoya was watching from the side just then and felt that the sparks flying between these two were way too dazzling!

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