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Chapter 2492: No Wonder Youve Been Single All This Time

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She took out her phone to check it and said, “If you can climb up the stairs in one minute, we will let Young Master Han go up.”

Han Zhuofeng immediately said, “I have no strength in my arms at all.

I am weak, pitiful, and helpless, so I am not suited for this kind of physical activity.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

“Let Brother Qian go for it.” Han Zhuofeng pointed at Wei Zhiqian.


I admit, my fitness wont cut it.” Wei Zhiqian had chickened out immediately.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Han Zhuofeng said in a small voice, “No wonder youve been single all this time.

So its because you dont make the cut.”

“What the f—” He did not finish saying the curse word and barely suppressed it.

Wei Zhiqian, a hot-tempered person, had almost gone over to smack Han Zhuofengs head.

Who doesnt make the cut!

Han Zhuoli held his laughter back and asked, “Old Zhao, you going”

Shi Xiaoya saw that, among these five best men, there was one whom she had never seen before.

Han Zhuoling saw the curious look in Shi Xiaoyas eyes and explained, “This is Zhao Gushen, from the Zhao Family.

You havent seen him before.

This time, he had also been dragged over by Zhuoli as a strong best man.”

Zhao Gushen gave a gentlemanly smile and greeted all of them before saying, “I am a newcomer, and I am not familiar with you ladies, so it wont be good for me to carry any of you the moment I arrive.”

Zhao Gushen said, “Why doesnt Zhuoling go for it Anyway youre a couple with Miss Shi, so you two dont need to avoid gossip.”

Shi Xiaoya hid behind Yan Zhiqing and kept giving Han Zhuoling furtive looks non-stop.

Han Zhuoling then knew that things werent so simple!

Han Zhuoling then said, “Why not let Xiao Cai go”

Han Zhuoling suggested, “Lest you guys think Xiaoya would be going easy on me.”

“Sure, sure, sure.

Xiao Cai, you go.

As a member of the Hidden Shadows from the Wen Family, you have to be the one to perform at times like these where you can show off your fitness.” Wei Zhiqian sold out his brother from his own family without any hesitation.

“When I said before that my fitness doesnt make the cut it, its only in comparison with professionals like Xiao Cai.

It doesnt really mean I dont make the cut.

You guys, dont misunderstand me!”

“Hah!” Everyone actually scoffed unanimously.

Wei Zhiqian: “…”

The Hidden Shadows were one of the many departments in Mount Lan Compound.

Theyre similar to the Hidden Guards, who were in charge of the security of Mount Lan Compound.

The Hidden Guards were mainly in charge of safeguarding the security of Mount Lan Compound, as well as the safety of Wen Ren and the others there.

As for the Hidden Shadows, they were the intelligence department of Mount Lan Compound, specializing in gathering intelligence.

The department head of the intelligence department was Fang Boran, the older brother of Wen Rens wife, Fang Jiaran.

The Hidden Shadows were further split into three divisions.

The Day Shadows.

The Night Shadows.

And the Shadowless.

The Day Shadows were in charge of legitimate investigative operations.

Their team leader was Hao Donghuai.

The Night Shadows, like their name, were in charge of underground investigations.

Their team leader was Yuan Jiangyi, one of the top hackers in the world.

And Wei Wucai was the team leader of the Shadowless.

The Shadowless were the ace team within the Hidden Shadows, which had always been in charge of the most difficult missions.

As their name implied, as long as you were targeted by the Shadowless, even if you were mentally prepared, you can forget about getting any hold of the Shadowless whereabouts.

And for Wei Wucai to be able to become the team leader of an ace team like this, one could imagine how capable he was.

“Okay.” Wei Wucai took a step forward, took off his blazer, and threw it to Wei Zhiqian.

Then he rolled up his shirt sleeves a few times as he asked Yan Zhiqing and the girls, “Which one of you is doing this”

Zheng Yuan and the two girls did not have the guts to.

The person before them was the great and honorable team leader of the Hidden Shadows under the Wen Family.

They could not afford to provoke him, could not afford to at all.

Even more so for Shi Xiaoya.

How could Han Zhuoling possibly let some other man carry her on his back

So no one suggested Shi Xiaoya at all.

If Han Zhuoling were the one doing this, then the person being carried would definitely be Shi Xiaoya.

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