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Chapter 2491: Frog Jump

Xia Qingwei carried Little Yijun and arrived just outside Lu Mans room.

When Little Yijun saw Lu Man with heavy makeup and in a wedding dress, he did not recognize her at first.

“Yijun,” Lu Man called out happily after seeing him.

She even held out her arms, wanting to carry him.

When Little Yijun heard the familiar voice, he recognized that it was his elder sister and immediately held out his tiny arms.

Feeling frustrated, Xia Qingwei scolded, “You had just finished tidying up your dress.

If you carry him, he will mess it up.”

“Its fine.” Lu Man smiled as she discussed with Yijun, “Yijun, you must be a good boy.

You cant keep moving in my arms and mess up the dress.”

They did not know whether Little Yijun had understood, but he arched his body towards Lu Man with all his strength.

“Mom, let me carry him,” said Lu Man.

Xia Qingwei then gave Little Yijun to Lu Man.

It was as if Little Yijun really understood what Lu Man had said as he sat on Lu Mans lap without moving around.

It was just that his chubby hands could not stay still.

After he was tired of playing with Lu Mans hands, he played with Lu Mans wedding dress.

Especially the gems on Lu Mans skirt.

They were shiny, and Little Yijun really liked them.

“The cars of the groom are almost here.

There are still roughly 15 minutes to go,” Wei Zhong reminded them.

Xia Qingwei immediately lifted Little Yijun away.

Guo Yujie tidied up Lu Mans dress again.

Yan Zhiqing and the other bridesmaids were also ready.

It was Zheng Yuan and the other twos first time being bridesmaids, so they were very nervous.

And so, they decided to follow exactly what Yan Zhiqing and Shi Xiaoya did.

The five went to the entrance and closed the gate of the villa securely.

After that, they saw through the window that Han Zhuolis wedding car had arrived.

Han Zhuoli stood at the entrance and said to Han Zhuoling, “Big Brother, I am relying on you.”

Han Zhuoling fixed his tie and stood at the entrance.


“Zhuoling,” Shi Xiaoya answered behind the door.

The moment Han Zhuoling started talking, she lost all resistance.

Han Zhuoling was the same.

When he heard Shi Xiaoyas voice, his mood suddenly became better and he could not stop himself from smiling.

“We are already at the door.

Do you mind opening it”

The tone of his voice was deep and he was a bit hoarse.

Shi Xiaoya was completely drowned in love by his voice as she replied, “Ah, okay.”

As she was speaking, she had already placed her hand on the door handle.

When Wang Juhuai saw this, he immediately facepalmed.

Shi Xiaoya needed to grow up!

Fortunately, Yan Zhiqing reacted fast and quickly covered Shi Xiaoyas ears.

Han Leilei immediately dragged Shi Xiaoya to the back of the group.

When Shi Xiaoya came back to her senses, her face turned red.

She had been completely hypnotized by Han Zhuolings voice.

Shi Xiaoya covered her burning red face with her hands.

She felt so embarrassed.

Yan Zhiqing stood behind the door and shouted out loud, “Stop using seductive methods! We have already pulled Xiaoya away.

That method is now useless!”

Han Zhuoli gave Han Zhuoling a glance.

Han Zhuofeng then took out five red packets from the inner pocket of his suit and showed them at the window.

Yan Zhiqing smiled and said, “You should have done this from the beginning.”

She then opened the door and snatched all the red packets from Han Zhuofengs hands.

Yan Zhiqing did not actually care about the money in the red packets.

She was just trying to be a good sport.

Shi Xiaoya was the last in line and smiled in embarrassment to Han Zhuoling, seeming to imply that there was nothing she could have done.

“Wait!” Yan Zhiqing stopped them from going upstairs again.

Han Leilei covered her mouth as she laughed secretly.

When Yan Zhiqing snapped her fingers, she proceeded with her explanation.

“Send one person to choose one of us.

Then, that person must carry that chosen one of us on his back and frog jump upstairs.”

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