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Chapter 2489: Groomsmen

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“Got it.” Lu Man promised, “I will try my best to sleep.”

Just as Shi Xiaoya was about to leave, she saw Xia Qingwei carrying a tray with two cups.

Xia Qingwei smiled as she said, “Just in time.

Dont go to sleep yet.

I made some Birds Nest Soup; sleep after you drink it.

Although I am not sure what the use of this last-minute effort is, at least eat a bit so you feel at ease.

Your complexion might really be better tomorrow.”

The two then took the cups.

They drank the soup and went to sleep.

Lu Man did say she could not sleep.

However, after lying on the bed for a little while, she fell asleep.

At four in the morning, Shi Xiaoya was woken up by the alarm clock that shed set.

Lu Man was also woken up.

Shi Xiaoya started to do Lu Mans makeup.

Guo Yujie also came from home with people from the workshop and did Lu Mans hair.

At six in the morning, Yan Zhiqing, Zheng Yuan, Han Leilei, and Pan Xue arrived as well.

Shi Xiaoya was not only Lu Mans makeup artist, she was also that of Lu Mans bridesmaids.

Yan Zhiqing, Zheng Yuan, Han Leilei, and Pan Xue were also bridesmaids.

As for the groomsmen of Han Zhuoli, they were Han Zhuoling, Han Zhuofeng, Wei Zhiqian, Han Wucai, and Zhao Gushen.

After Shi Xiaoya was done with Lu Mans makeup, she followed Yan Zhiqing and the others to put on their bridesmaids dresses.

Usually, the dresses that the bride picked for her bridesmaids would not look very good as the bride was supposed to be the highlight and the prettiest.

But that was not the case when it came to Lu Man.

She even went to Qin Zigou to choose suitable dresses.

Besides, Yan Zhiqing was one of the bridesmaids; she was an international celebrity, so Lu Man had to take care of Yan Zhiqings looks to make sure she looked good.

They were kind-hearted enough to be the bridesmaids.

It would be very mean if she dressed them up to be uglier.

In the end, she chose a Greek-style long dress.

This style was simple yet elegant.

It was a style that would not go wrong.

This style would also show off the lines of the neck and shoulder, which looked good.

Lu Man had finished her makeup.

From the moment she started to dress up, there was a videographer holding a video camera at the side, recording everything.

There were no outsiders in the house.

However, if anyone saw who was in the house, their jaws would drop.

Because the one who stood next to the videographer was Ji Cheng!

Ji Cheng, the director who had raked in six billion in box office sales, was asked to make Lu Man and Han Zhuolis wedding video.

This was basically similar to using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

This was such a waste of talent!

Lu Man, feeling embarrassed, said, “Brother Ji, sorry to bother you.

I didnt think that Zhuoli would call you.”

“Haih, why are you being so courteous” said Ji Cheng, laughing.

“Young Master Han has given me the order to make your wedding into a movie.”

Wang Juhuai said, disappointed, “Its sad that I cant clone myself.

I have to walk Lu Man into the wedding hall, or else I would have been performing the wedding music.”

Yan Zhiqing said, laughing, “How can that be The wedding video is being directed by a director who has six billion in box office sales.

If the wedding music is also performed by the worlds number one violinist, that would be too terrifying.”

Ji Cheng turned his head and said to Wang Juhuai, “Thats alright.

You can record the background music for the video and I will add it into the video.”



Yes.” Wang Juhuai agreed immediately.

“Thats a good idea.”

Auntie Liang, Auntie He, Auntie Liu, and Auntie Sun were all preparing food in the kitchen.

The food was for the groom and the groomsmen when they arrive to pick up the bride.

Xia Qingwei had on a cheongsam and had her hair tied into a bun, which people thought matched with her dress.

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