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Chapter 2487: Chain of Contempt

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“It is a job that I like, so I dont think I am worse than others in any way.”

Shi Xiaoya scratched her temple.

“But they dont think so.

During the reunion, they asked me why I chose this job.

They asked me, whats the point of doing makeup for actors and actresses and being more inferior than others They said that if I liked makeup, I should have started a company and created my own brand, blah blah blah.

“I dont enjoy those conversations.

Those conversations seem to be implying that it is embarrassing to have a job that society does not recognize as high-class even if that very job is something you like.

It was tiring listening to them flattering each other, and my job got busier, so I just stopped attending.

“There was nothing in common to talk about with them anyway,” said Shi Xiaoya.

“Such class reunions were all about business experience.

Everyone talked about what kind of business they just completed and how difficult it was to complete a certain deal.

We did not have anything in common to talk about, so I skipped whenever I could.”

Shi Xiaoya thought about this coming class reunion and felt annoyed.

“Hopefully, my successful classmates can talk less about their businesses.

They have already succeeded, so they should be sick of talking about it.”

Before meeting Han Zhuoling, shed thought that the members of the eight great families would talk about high-class topics during reunions.

However, she was shocked by the truth.

These people, who are considered high-class by the public, talked about very down-to-earth topics during reunions.

Those who had kids talked about their kids.

Those who were single talked about how their parents urged them to get married.

Those who were married mocked the single ones.

Those who were not married were struggling as the married ones watched.

Those scenes were very interesting.

Perhaps after reaching such heights in life, there was nothing for them to brag about.

Things which others thought could be bragged about were ordinary to them, so they were not worth bragging about.

Oh no, they had something to brag about.

That was their marital status.

Being married or not was a chain of contempt in their small group of people.

Those who were single were looked down on by those who had girlfriends.

Those who had girlfriends were looked down on by those who were married.

Those who were married were looked down on by those who had kids.

It was terrible.

Han Zhuoling rarely attended these reunions.

He only attended reunions organized by their own small group, so he did not experience the things mentioned by Shi Xiaoya.

After all, nobody came to brag in front of him.

What could anyone brag about in front of Han Zhuoling

Whatever one had, he had them.

Whatever one did not have, he also had them.

In front of Han Zhuoling, all the bragging would eventually turn into a joke.

And so, Han Zhuoling did not experience what Shi Xiaoya talked about.

He then said, “How about I come to your class reunion with you after the celebration Do you think thats appropriate”

After all, it was Shi Xiaoyas class reunion, so whether it was suitable depended on Shi Xiaoyas opinion.

“Lets not do that,” said Shi Xiaoya.

“My batch does not have anyone from the eight great families.

They are just concerned about not being able to build relationships with the eight great families.

If you were to go, I dont even want to imagine what kind of scene it will cause.

I dont mind if everyone just talks, but if they start targeting you, it will be too awkward.”

“I dont mind,” said Han Zhuoling.

“Its okay.” Shi Xiaoya smiled.

“Other than my not being able to join their conversation, the rest are actually fine.

I will just show my face, take a seat for a while, and leave..

It will be okay.”

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