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Chapter 2484: The Everyday Squabbles Between Real Brothers

“…” Han Zhuolis mouth twitched once before he said, “When you and Xiaoya get married, you wont be able to enter the door too.”

Shi Xiaoya wanted to tease Han Zhuoli at first, but within a few words, the topic shifted to her and Han Zhuoling.

And it was on the topic of marriage.

Shi Xiaoya blushed furiously.

Han Zhuoling had already proposed, and the two of them would also definitely get married.

But mentioning it all of a sudden like this still made her feel very embarrassed.

“Haha.” Han Zhuoling laughed dryly.

Its true that he really would not be able to enter the door when that time comes.

But right now, he could still piss Han Zhuoli off.

So in front of Han Zhuoli, he entered the door together with Shi Xiaoya.

Standing at the entrance foyer, Han Zhuoling turned back and gestured at Han Zhuoli, who was standing outside the door, to tell him to leave, then said, “You should quickly go back.

Dont stand at the door and block it.

The wedding will be held tomorrow, so today will be especially busy.

Dont add on to the troubles of your in-laws.”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

The everyday squabbles between real brothers.

Han Zhuoli was pissed.

He thought mockingly in his heart, Wait til you get married.

He would drag Lu Man with him to go to Shi Xiaoyas familys house!

Right at this moment, Han Zhuolis phone rang.

When Han Zhuoli took it out and looked, he saw that it was Lu Man calling him.

He smacked his head.

He had really become dumb.

Even if he could not enter, he could still give Lu Man a call.

He actually did not think of this point.

Han Zhuoli quickly answered.

“Man Man!”

Before waiting for Lu Man to say something, Han Zhuoli said immediately after, “Father-in-law isnt letting me in!”

Look at the manner in which he was complaining.

So indignant and extremely aggrieved.

Han Zhuolis expression looked like he was waiting for Lu Man to be his judge.

Wang Juhuai: “…”

Xia Qingwei: “…”

The two of them could not help but feel their faces twitch as they stared at Han Zhuoli speechlessly.

Han Zhuoling covered his forehead with his hand.

This younger brother of his was really… embarrassing!

Lu Man did not know whether to cry or laugh when she heard that.

She had no choice either, so she could only persuade him, “No choice.

This is the custom, even though I dont believe in it too.

Seeing each other before our wedding wont affect our relationship anyway.”

“Exactly!” Han Zhuoli was in full agreement.

“But since Dad and Mom both said so, its just one night, so lets cooperate with them,” Lu Man persuaded.

“You go back and rest first.

Dont you need to set off to come over to fetch me early in the morning tomorrow In another ten plus hours, we can see each other again.”

Han Zhuoli was reminded by Lu Man and immediately said, “Man Man, Xiaoya came to put on makeup for you.

Youre worried that itd be too early for her to wake up, so you let her stay here”

“Mm, yeah.

This will be convenient too, lest Xiaoya has to tire herself out from traveling,” Lu Man said.

“Anyway, I need to come over and fetch the bride, so let me stay here too.

Tomorrow, I can just drive the wedding car around the vicinity.

In this way, you dont need to worry that I have to wake up so early.” Han Zhuoli felt that he was really quick-thinking.

Lu Mans mouth twitched a little before she said, “Stop kicking up a fuss, go back home obediently!”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

Shi Xiaoya said to Han Zhuoling in a small voice, “Seeing how hes like, why do I feel like hes just one step away from going up to a wall to draw circles in dejection”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Now that Shi Xiaoya mentioned it, this scenario did feel so alive, which was difficult to ignore.

“We havent seen each other for a day.

Dont you miss me” Han Zhuoli asked Lu Man.

“…” Lu Man went to her own room.

Her room was on the second floor.

At this moment, Lu Man stood by the window and opened it, saying, “Look up at the second floor.”

Hearing that, Han Zhuoli stepped backward until he could see the second floor.

He looked up and saw Lu Man standing by the window, smiling and waving at him.

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