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Chapter 2482: Even Know How to Exploit Loopholes in Front of Me

See how she ran even faster than a rabbit just then

Lu Qiyuan scoffed once mockingly.

“That little bastard.

She really thinks Im stupid.”

Jiang Yujie hugged Lu Qiyuans elbow and said, “Qiyuan, do you blame me for interjecting just now For interfering in both of your matters”

“Everything you said is right, why would I blame you Even you can see through her intentions, but she actually still thought she could hoodwink me and make use of me.

What a joke!” Lu Qiyuan said.

Jiang Yujie gave a gentle smile and asked, “Then… as for Lu Man…”

Lu Qiyuan was also very angry that Lu Man actually looked for Wang Juhuai to replace his position.

But he really did not have the capability to go and provoke Lu Man now.

He still had this bit of self-awareness.

But Lu Qiyuan was even angrier with Lu Qi.

After Lu Qi caused such a fuss, he had to admit in front of Jiang Yujie that he did not dare to provoke Lu Man.

This was too embarrassing.

“I wont go,” Lu Qiyuan said in a somber voice.

“What would I go there for To get angry”

Jiang Yujie heaved a sigh of relief and immediately said, “Right, and you cant be used by Lu Qi.

Whatever she wants to do, let her do it herself.

We cant be used like a gun by her.”

Jiang Yujie did not mention at all that Lu Qiyuan did not plan to go and make a scene because he could not afford to provoke Lu Man, which made Lu Qiyuan like her even more.

He began to think more and more that Jiang Yujie was so likable.

She was gentle, kind, and understanding, and she even knew to leave men their dignity.

He knew that Jiang Yujie was very smart.

It was impossible for her not to have thought of this.

Jiang Yujie did not say it out loud because she wanted to save face for him.

And she did not act smart and remind him about it either.

As if he could not think of the things she could think of.

Lu Qiyuan really liked Jiang Yujie more and more.


Lu Man and Han Zhuoli had collected their marriage certificates first before holding their wedding.

They were already legally married.

But according to wedding customs, Han Zhuoli still had to come to the brides house to fetch the bride.

So the day before Lu Mans wedding, she returned to Wang Juhuais place to stay.

Wang Juhuai had always kept her room for her.

Because of the wedding, he had even especially decorated her room all over again.

The wedding would be held on Saturday.

On Friday, Lu Man took one day off to come home to prepare.

She also had to put on decorations around her room to make it look more festive.

Wei Zhong brought people with him around the district to put up the “Xi”[1] motif decorations.

According to custom, they even had to cover up the drain covers in the whole district with pink paper.

Lin Liye, Shen Nuo, and Old Mrs.

Han all sent their helper aunties over to help Auntie Liang decorate the house.

According to tradition, the day before the wedding, the bride and groom were not allowed to see each other.

So when Han Zhuoli wanted to come, Wang Juhuai would not let him in no matter what.

Han Zhuoli had gotten off work.

He was already at the door, but Wang Juhuai personally blocked him outside.

“Dad,” Han Zhuoli said helplessly.

“Its been so long since Id collected my marriage certificate with Lu Man.

Do we still need to be particular about this”

“Collecting your marriage certificate is one thing, a wedding is another,” Wang Juhuai said.

“Since you want to hold a wedding ceremony, you have to be particular about it.”

“You said we cant meet the day before our wedding, but Man Man was together with me at home last night.

This morning, we have seen each other,” Han Zhuoli said as he smiled.

“…” Wang Juhuai was annoyed.

“You rascal, you even know how to exploit loopholes in front of me”

Lu Man heard these two grown men having a field day quibbling, so she wanted to go out and take a look.

She did not quite believe in such practices.

But since the elders said so, she would just follow it.

[1] Ornamental design motif associated with Chinese weddings to symbolize “double happiness” for the couple.

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