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Chapter 2481: Wait for Me

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With the Xia family setting the precedent, all the more he did not dare to do anything.

But Lu Qi was different.

All along, he had treated Lu Qi so well, so now, when he asked Lu Qi for help, she should help him.

And Jiang Yujie was right.

When was there a good ending whenever Lu Qi used him

He had ended up in this state because he had been set up by Lu Qi time and again.

The He family had cheated him of his money, so Lu Qi should make them pay it back.

This was not even considered helping.

This was considered returning!

“What nonsense are you saying!” How could Lu Qi have expected that Jiang Yujie would interfere flagrantly in this matter

There was no benefit for Jiang Yujie in this matter at all.

Why must Jiang Yujie make things difficult for her!

“Watch your attitude!” Lu Qiyuan just shouted at Lu Qi to cut her off.

“What did Yujie say that was wrong Lu Qi, you did something untoward to me.

You colluded with outsiders to scheme against me, and now you still want to come and make use of me In your eyes, am I such a stupid person


“Yujie is right.

If you want to patch up with me, show your sincerity,” Lu Qiyuan said coldly.

“If you dont, Ill know you simply just want to use me.

“I know, you dont feel good seeing Lu Man hold a wedding, so you dont want to let her have an easy time.

Thats why you thought of coming to make use of me again.” Lu Qiyuan was utterly furious deep down.

“Lu Qi, dont think everyone else is so stupid.

I am your father.

After using your mom and throwing her into jail, you want to come and make use of me now Im not as stupid as Xia Qingyang!


“Bring the money here.

Then our father-daughter relationship can become as strong as before.

If not, you can forget about asking me to help you!” Lu Qiyuan said coldly.

Jiang Yujie had dared to say that because she knew for sure that it was impossible for Lu Qi to bring the money over.

She knew how selfish Lu Qi was.

As for just how difficult Lu Qis current predicament was, Jiang Yujie had also heard Lu Qiyuan analyzing it before.

Indeed, they saw Lu Qi hesitate.

But Lu Qi was not dumb either.

She did not reject it outright but said, “Dad, I know you dont believe me now.

Dont worry, I will definitely use my actions to prove it to you.

“You dont know this, but my situation with the He family isnt good at all.

Previously, I didnt even have any personal freedom at all.

Recently, Ive finally managed to be able to come out freely, but I used my marriage in exchange for that,” Lu Qi said pitifully.

“Dad, I know this is my karma,” Lu Qi said.

“I was willful, I hurt myself, and I hurt you.

I know I was wrong and came to apologize sincerely, to patch up with you.

With what happened in the past, I was the one being a scoundrel.

Its right that you arent forgiving me so easily.

I also especially regret what I did in the past.

“As for the He familys money, I cant touch it at all now.

You want a big sum too, but I wont be able to take it out within a short period of time.” Lu Qis eyes could not help darting from side to side as she said, “How can I not want to take back the money from the He family too”

Lu Qi immediately said, “Dad, dont worry.

Just wait for me.

I will go back and think of a way right now.

I will definitely think of a way to take all their money.

Not just to return yours to you, but even their own money, I will also give it to you.”

As Lu Qi was saying those words, she walked towards the door.

“Dad, wait for me! Wait for me!”

As Lu Qi said that, she opened the office door and just ran off.

Jiang Yujie pursed her lips mockingly.

Lu Qiyuan could also tell that Lu Qi was just appeasing him.

How was she going back to think of a way to make the He family spit out the money It was just because she knew she could not reject him outrightly, so she had found an excuse to delay it.

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