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These few days, it had been less busy in the Public Relations department, so her being away right now did not have much of an impact.

Sun Yiwu stood up and shook Lu Mans hand, “Well wait for you on set tomorrow then.”

After Sun Yiwu and the others left, Han Zhuoli pulled Lu Man over, “Even I couldnt think of that, how did you think of that”

Lu Man sat down on Han Zhuolis lap obediently.

Who knew when this man developed such a habit, he always liked having her sit on his lap.

Every single time, Lu Man would always worry that she would make his leg numb, it would be like… like she was very heavy.

“Because I care, so it naturally came to my mind.” Under Han Zhuolis focused and heated gaze, Lu Man was blushing and was embarrassed to look at him in the eyes.

“I dont wish for any form of benefit or profit to be derived from our relationship.

Even if Im forced to, I dont want to either.

I dont want you to be milked because of me.”

Sitting still for a while, Lu Man looked seriously at Han Zhuolis handsome and striking face.

This man was so outstanding.

As long as she was close to him, she would always feel calm and peaceful.

She had never felt like he was much older than her.

She only felt that he was mature and reliable, he had a mature charm to him that those younger men did not have.

Yet sometimes, he would still behave like a little child.

Surprisingly, he had both maturity and childishness, yet it didnt make others feel that it was strange either.

More than once, Lu Man had secretly thought to herself that perhaps it was because her past was honestly too pitiful that the heavens could not take it and even felt that she was too miserable.

Hence in life left they let her meet Han Zhuoli.

Otherwise, there was almost an entire world in between the two of them.

How could she deserve to walk to his side, or even into his heart

She treasured him more and more.

Unknowingly, she raised her hand and her soft, warm palm gently cradled his cheek.

“All along, it seems like Ive never been able to help you.

While I cant really help you, I cant drag you down either.”

Han Zhuoli smiled as he held onto the hand on his cheek.

He turned his head and kissed her palm gently.

“You wont drag me down at all.”

She was so intelligent, how would she allow herself to drag him down

Besides, she loved him so much, so the more she would not allow herself to be a hindrance to him.

Thats right, she loved him that much!

Confirming this made him happier than anything else!

“Old Mrs.

Han said that she didnt like women in the entertainment industry.

Doing this is actually too bold of me, Im afraid that Old Mrs.

Han would not like me even more now.” Lu Man apologized, “Because of my own interests, Ive made things difficult for you.”

“Not at all.” Han Zhuoli shook his head decisively, “If I cant even let you do what you like, not let you have the freedom and authority to choose what you want, how can I deserve to be with you Wouldnt it better for you to be alone then, wouldnt you have more freedom Getting you to be with me is so that you can have a life better than the one you would have alone.

I wont let you regret your initial choice.”

Lu Man was surprised, she did not expect that Han Zhuoli would have such thoughts.

In fact, she had never thought that way before.

Choosing Han Zhuoli, falling for him, giving in because of him, compromising, and even sacrificing — she never felt that she was suffering.

Wouldnt two people in love dedicate and devote to each other

In the past, she had only chosen herself because she honestly did not know the bliss of being in love.

After getting together with Han Zhuoli, she finally learned that when you care about another persons feelings, you are able to give everything for their sake.

As for every single matter that she had minded in the past, every task that was difficult for her to do, she couldnt care less upon having met the right man.

Yet, Han Zhuoli was giving much more than that, he was extremely meticulous and thoughtful!


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