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Chapter 2471: Abnormal Brain and Shamelessness

Lu Man rudely rolled her eyes and said, “Enough of this.

The public has nothing to do with this.

Who doesnt know that our relationship is down the drain People online know about how you and your mom treated me and my mom in the beginning.

Thats why I dont hang out with you and I didnt call you no matter what happened.

The public understands.

If I have called you for anything, people would say that I am being lowly and have been acting this whole time.

“Besides that, since when did I care about other peoples opinions” Lu Man sneered.

“You yourself said that I married a good man; my husband is Han Zhuoli.

Not only is my hubby good to me, but everyone in his family also treats me well.

It feels like I have two homes.

As for my career, it is true that it is rising up and everything is going smoothly.

“Since I am living such a good life, why should I care about you I dont care about what others say.

My husband is so powerful that I am able to act in whatever show that I want and can collaborate with whoever I want.

Even if my popularity is affected negatively, I will have shows to act in and events to participate in.”

Lu Man sneered and said, “So why should I care about the opinions of others Why should I care about you

“I have been avoiding you to death, so why should I invite you to my wedding” said Lu Man coldly, “You dont even deserve to appear at my wedding.

“Dont even think about trying to socialize at my wedding, dont think about it.

I wont give you this chance.

Furthermore, the people that we invited are people who are very close to us.

Nobody would be so blinded as to get their eyes on you, so stop dreaming.”

Lu Man was being very blunt.

Even at this time, Lu Qi could be so thick-skinned as to talk about their relationship as sisters.

She really threw away her self-worth to gain whatever benefit she could.

If Lu Man did not snap at her and make Lu Qi give up, it would be uncertain how many times she would pester Lu Man.

“You!” Lu Qi was so enraged that her face turned red.

“Lu Man, I am still your younger sister!”

“What sister” Lu Man said bluntly.

“Stop joking.

You have never seen me as an older sister and I dont see you as a younger sister.

Besides that, your mom is the mistress; my moms despair was caused by your parents.

Even so, you still want to come to me for benefits Do you think that I am dumb, or have you become so dumb as to still be so hopeful”

“I think its the second one,” Han Leilei interrupted.

Han Leileis response was well coordinated, showing great collaboration with Lu Man.

Zheng Yuan and Pan Xue laughed out loud, not giving Lu Qi any respect.

It was very obvious that they were mocking Lu Qi.

“Since youre so thick-skinned, go and seek forgiveness from your dad.

Even if hes not doing well now, he should be doing better than you.

You and your dad had a tight-knit relationship last time.

It was at least 20 years of relationship.

As for us, we were never close.

Instead of seeking my help, how about you go and beg your dad The possibility of success may be a bit higher.” Lu Man gave Lu Qi a “clear” direction to go to.

Lu Qis expression changed, as if she really took in what Lu Man said and was actually considering it.

Zheng Yuan and the other two were dumbfounded.

There was nothing normal about Lu Qis brain and shamelessness.

But Lu Qis expression of consideration immediately disappeared as she realized that something was not right with Lu Mans words.

“Lu Man, you are crossing the line with your words! What do you mean my dad You are talking as though we dont share the same dad.”

“My dad is Wang Juhuai,” Lu Man responded.

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