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“Not bad!” Sun Yiwu was extremely satisfied, “To speak the truth, Lu Man, you are very suitable to be an actress, you have the spirit, Although you arent someone who studied performing arts, it is because of that, you have a more natural feeling, it is just excellent!”

“Does that mean I passed” Lu Man put down the script.

“Correct!” Sun Yiwu smiled.

Sun Yiwus assistant brought the contract right away.

Lu Man did not even look and directly passed it to Han Zhuoli, asking him to help her check.

Han Zhuoli flipped through it roughly and asked, “Is the same pay as the one previously”

Since Lu Man did not have any acting experience and was a total newcomer, they had the right to lower the pay.

But with Han Zhuoli watching over it at the side, who would dare to

“Its the same.” Sun Yiwu nodded.

Han Zhuoli understood the industry rules and nodded to agree, “Alright.”

“I want to add another condition,” Lu Man suddenly spoke up.

“What request do you have As long as it is not too much, Ill do my best to satisfy it,” Sun Yiwu felt that the pay and the treatment in the agreement was already very good, Lu Man was a total newcomer, but the treatment she got was one of someone who had been in the industry for a long time.

If it were the other celebrities that were trying for the role just now, they might even be willing to film without getting paid.

“The producers, distributors and the crew cannot use my relationship with Han… Big Brother Han as publicity to make the movie more popular,” Lu Man retrieved the contact, “This clause must be put down in black and white in the contract.”

Just now she was about to call Han Zhuoli by his full name but felt that calling him like that in front of outsiders would not seem good and thus she could only change her way of calling him at the last moment.

Yet Lu Man still felt a little uncomfortable calling himBig Brother Han.

Lu Mans condition not only surprised Sun Yiwu and everyone present there but it also surprised Han Zhuoli as he did not think that the condition Lu Man wanted was that.

After a short moment of shock, Han Zhuoli was very pleasantly surprised.

Honestly, Lu Man really did not wish for their relationship to be made use of by others for personal interests.

She really valued their relationship a lot and was working hard to secure it.

What was shocked Han Zhouli was that Lu Man was so careful and had even thought of that point, wanting to add it to the contract.

This was his girl!

It was not just him protecting her, at the same time, he was also being protected by her.

Lu Man was always careful, using her intelligence to protect their relationship.

The happiness in Han Zhuolis heart could not be hidden and could be clearly seen on his face, his heart brimming with joy, the corners of his mouth were lifted up, and his gaze full adoration.

Look at Lu Man, his little girl, why was she so adorable!

She was so fabulous that it was just impossible for him not to love her!

Seeing the way Han Zhouli was looking at Lu Man, Su Yiwu felt his eyes sting and could only turn to face Lu Man.

“The new contract can add that condition.”

“Then Ill let the lawyers come up with another draft of the contract,” Han Zhuoli had Zheng Tianming contact the companys Lawyer Wu immediately.

After a while, Lawyer Wu came over and according to Lu Mans requests, added a condition to the contract right away.

Since Lu Man worked in public relations, she knew very well the rules of the industry.

Today, as Sun Yiwu got to know the relationship between her and Han Zhuoli, it could not be promised that the producers and the distributors would not know.

Furthermore, her relationship with Han Zhuoli would undoubtedly become a large selling point of the movie and Lu Man definitely did not want to let anyone use their relationship for benefits.

After Lawyer Wu drafted the complete contract, Lu Man checked for any discrepancy and only after that did she finally sign the contract.

Sun Yiwu let out a breath of relief, he had finally solved a large problem.

“Lu Man, when can you start filming”

“Most probably tomorrow.

After I end work tomorrow, Ill go over.”

It just happened that now that she was done with Du Lins proposal, she had no other important work at hand now.


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