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Chapter 2468: I Will Be There

Lu Man and Han Zhuoli stayed at Mount Lan Compound for one day.

They returned to B City that night.

The preparations for the wedding were underway.

Their dresses and suits were ready from the start.

The hall was still being decorated.

Han Zhuoli had reserved the wedding hall for a whole month, giving them time to decorate the hall.

The wedding hall was reserved just for them and did not hold any other weddings.

To express sincerity, all the invitation cards were handwritten by Han Zhuoli and Lu Man themselves.

Before coming to the residence of Wen Family, they had written a portion of it.

Fortunately, they did not invite many guests, so they did not need to write a lot.

Lu Man invited her good friends and the people who had helped her along the way, such as Sun Yiwu and others.

She also invited Robert and Hayer.

She had promised them she would act in a Broadway show, but due to the accident, she could not make it.

They were overjoyed when they received the invitation and immediately arranged their schedule so they could get ready to attend the wedding.

The preparations for the other wedding activities were handled by professionals.

Usually, people would be swarmed with work before their wedding.

With everything needed to be handled and arranged, they would fall sick from being so busy.

Furthermore, arguments between couples were bound to break out.

If the argument was bad, feelings would be hurt, and some could not even continue with the wedding.

But when it came to Han Zhuoli and Lu Man, they did not have these problems.

The two had never argued because of wedding-related things.

After Lu Man was well-rested, she went back to the school and gave the invitation cards to Zheng Yuan, Han Leilei, and Pan Xue.

Even Zhang Xiaoying received one.

When Lu Man came to give out the cards, Zhang Xiaoying was dumbfounded.

She did not expect that Lu Man would invite her.

Zhang Xiaoying had always thought that their relationship was mediocre.

Lu Man laughed.

“We were even teammates.

During that time, our teamwork was on point.

I thought our relationship had improved a lot, did it not”

As Lu Man was talking, it looked as though she was going to take the invitation card back.

Zhang Xiaoying snatched the card hurriedly.

“I just didnt think that you would invite me.”

Zhang Xiaoying put on a cool front, like she did not care that much.

But in the end, she could not stop herself from smiling.

The corner of her mouth fidgeted as it bent upwards.

Seeing this, Lu Man felt the corner of her mouth twitch.

Lu Man thought to herself, If Zhang Xiaoying wanted to smile, she should have just smiled; it must be hard to hold it in.

“I would give all our teammates invitation cards,” said Lu Man.

“I had mailed them to the others.”

“Mhmm.” Zhang Xiaoying was still trying hard to put on a cool front.

“I will be there.”

After pausing for a while, she continued, “Thanks for inviting me.”

Lu Man really thought that Zhang Xiaoying, despite her temper, had a surprisingly adorable side.

“Youre welcome.”

Lu Qi had turned her head and witnessed all of this.

She was feeling so upset that her chest felt tight.

They had both gotten their marriage certificates.

However, Lu Man and Han Zhuoli had been so impassioned with love.

On the other hand, what about her and He Zhengbai

They had been living their own separate lives for a long time.

He Zhengbai had brought her to He residence so that the members of his family would keep an eye on her.

However, He Zhengbai was always outside messing around.

He even had an affair with a daughter of a rich family.

He did not even admit that they were married; he even told others that they had broken up.

The two were totally hiding their marriage.

Even if she had their marriage certificate, it was useless.

On the contrary, the He family members did not trust her and were afraid that she would speak nonsense outside, so they locked her up in the He residence.

Lu Qi spent a long time making the He family believe that she would cooperate and not announce the matter regarding the marriage between her and He Zhengbai.

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