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Chapter 2466: It Was Never Easy

Lu Man finally saw the buildings of the Mount Lan Compound from a close distance.

The Mount Lan Compound was not really an ancient building passed down from ages ago.

It was built from scratch on Mount Lan after the Wen Family decided to locate their main base in T City.

These picturesque buildings were then built.

Even though it was not really an old mansion that was passed down, it was built to have all the minor details of one.

It extended throughout the mountainside, like a resting dragon, making it a spectacular view.

Once they stepped through the entrance of Mount Lan Compound, a sudden feeling of being cut off from the world and traveling back in time crept up.

Walking between these carved beams and painted pillars made one feel like all the troubles outside had nothing to do with this place.

The compound was enormous.

The compound was as big as Mount Lan itself.

Because of its sheer size, they walked a long way to reach the main building of Mount Lan Compound.

Wen Ren and Fang Jiaran had been waiting at the entrance of the main building beforehand.

Of course, he had met Lu Man and did not need to know about her through the information department of Mount Lan Compound.

Lu Man was a celebrity, so he had seen her in various events and in movies.

But meeting Lu Man face to face was a first for him.

As for Lu Man, it was also her first time meeting the legendary young leader of the Wen Family, a real family member of the Wen Family.

Fang Jiaran stood beside Wen Ren.

Because she had such a babyface, she did not look like a mother of two children.

She had an aura of a young wife and a girl combined, making peoples eyes glow when they looked at her.

This was the legendary young madam of Mount Lan Compound; she was very different from what she imagined.

After Han Zhuoli greeted Wen Ren, Fang Jiaran smiled and waved her hand at Lu Man.

When she smiled, her dimples appeared, and she looked like such a likable person.

In an instant, it made the two closer.

Lu Man immediately liked the young madam whom she had just met for the first time.

Han Zhuoli looked behind the two and asked, “Where are your two sons”

“They are both training,” said Wen Ren.

“I cant let them slack off just because there are guests.”

Han Zhuoli chuckled.

“Many people are jealous of how powerful the Wen Family is and the fact that nobody dares to anger you.

But they do not think about how much the people of the Wen Family have to sacrifice since their births.”

“Hey, were all the same,” said Wen Ren, smiling.

“You people are also not born to only have fun.

It has never been easy to protect the honor of our family.”

The two men walked in front as they talked while Lu Man and Fang Jiaran followed behind, talking to each other.

Lu Man knew that Han Zhuoli and Wen Ren must be quite close, but after listening to them talk, she found out that they had a tight-knit relationship.

Wen Ren and Fang Jiaran lived in the main courtyard.

Even their main courtyard was a huge mansion.

They passed through the Moon Gate and stepped into the winding veranda.

As they walked through the veranda, they could see the lake and the fake mountains outside.

When standing outside the main courtyard, nobody would have thought that there was another world inside.

The amount of effort the workers put in could be seen from these spectacular garden landscapes and intricate works.

After walking past this section, Lu Man felt regretful for not admiring it more.

The popular garden landscapes in the country were always full of people.

There was no way to admire them properly.

A picture taken would contain more people than scenery.

Wen Rens place was so much better than those popular garden landscapes.

This place was quiet.

You could really enjoy the beauty and silence of the garden landscape.

Fang Jiaran saw that Lu Man liked it and said, “Lets take a walk here later.”

The four finally arrived at where Wen Ren and Fang Jiaran stayed.

They went to the main hall.

There was also a side hall located on the other side.

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