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Chapter 2463: Heartache

When Han Zhuoli heard that Lu Man actually did not dare to sleep as well now, he instantly did not dare to keep waking up anymore.

He was fine, but if it made Lu Man unable to sleep well, that would not be fine.

So Han Zhuoli quickly promised, “I will sleep properly now.

I wont keep waking up again.”

Han Zhuoli closed his eyes.

This time, he forced himself not to open his eyes.

Lu Man knew what he was worried about, and she knew that Han Zhuoli was forcefully suppressing himself now.

So Lu Man leaned over and planted a kiss on his lips.

Han Zhuoli was stunned for a moment.

He wanted to open his eyes, but he recalled what he had promised Lu Man.

So, he struggled to keep his eyes closed and did not dare to open them.

Lu Man then saw his eyeballs rolling about beneath his eyelids.

Lu Man pressed against his lips and said, “Im here, Im fine.


You can feel me even without opening your eyes.”

Because she knew what he was worried about, Lu Man would basically kiss him once every half an hour.

If Han Zhuoli had not fallen asleep yet, he would know that shed kissed him.

If he fell asleep, then that would be great.

She would achieve her goal, which was to let Han Zhuoli sleep well.

Indeed, Han Zhuoli could know that Lu Man was still around without needing to open his eyes, that she was not unconscious and was doing well.

He was really way too tired, so Lu Man had kissed him only twice before Han Zhuoli completely fell into a deep sleep.

When she heard his long, calm breaths, Lu Man then knew that he really fell asleep this time.

Lu Man could finally feel assured.

Even if no one said it before, as long as she looked at Han Zhuolis face, she could tell how tired he had been these past few days and how much he had been forcing himself to be especially tensed and alert all this while.

When she was still in coma, he had watched over her alone.

How terrified he must have felt.

Thinking about that kind of lonely and terrified feeling made Lu Mans heart ache.

Han Zhuoli had already fallen into a deep sleep.

Lu Man kissed him again, but he did not react.

It showed how tired he had been for these past few days.

Lu Man inched closer into his arms and placed his elbow on her waist so that she could lie in his arms in a more comfortable position.

Lu Man was not sleepy.

She just lay there without doing anything.

Just lying in his arms and zoning out made her happy too.

Han Zhuoli fell into an especially deep slumber this time.

He slept for a total of one day and one night.

In between, Xia Qingwei and Shen Nuo came to deliver food to them.

When they came in, they saw that Han Zhuoli was sleeping and Lu Man was awake in his arms.

The two of them did not make a sound, afraid that Han Zhuoli would be aroused from his sleep after hed finally managed to fall asleep.

When Lu Man saw the two of them, she then gently and carefully came out from Han Zhuolis embrace.

As Lu Man moved only a little, Han Zhuoli did not wake up.

Xia Qingwei said in a soft voice, “We came to deliver food to you two, afraid that you two cant get used to the Western food provided in the hospital here.”

The hospital food was average to begin with, and they were not very used to eating Western food.

Eating it once in a while was fine, but to have it every day, they really could not take it.

“Since Zhuoli is sleeping, just let him sleep,” Shen Nuo said.

“Its fine if he has one or two less meals.

He could finally sleep this time, so lets not wake him up.”

Lu Man also thought the same way.

So she went out to the living room outside and ate together with Xia Qingwei and Shen Nuo, chatting with them for a bit.

After sending the two of them off, she then returned to Han Zhuolis embrace.

Han Zhuoli only woke up the next morning.

With his sleep replenished, his energy and spirits indeed looked much better.

But he had still gotten slimmer.

After all, he had just replenished his sleep, but he had not eaten much.

But after a few meals, he would be able to make up for it.

Lu Man was discharged from the hospital.

As many unhappy things had happened here, everyone did not want to stay any longer either.

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