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Chapter 2449: Are You an Adult

She called Lu Man older sister but called him uncle

But at this moment, Han Zhuoli could not be bothered to correct her either, so he said, “Its just past midnight, so today is already the ninth day.”

The young lady exhaled and said, “Then today is the last day.

If today passed and her soul and spirit still had not returned, they wont be able to return forever.”

Han Zhuolis gaze suddenly turned sharp.

“Is what you said the truth”

She couldnt be a conman, right!

He trusted Wen Ren.

Wen Ren was also not someone who would easily get deceived.

But the other party made it sound so serious, so it felt as if the other party was just trying to delude people with lies.

But most importantly, it was because Han Zhuoli did not want to believe that today was the last chance for Lu Man to wake up!

If that was really the case, if this young lady also did not succeed…

Then afterward, would Lu Man not wake up at all

“I dont lie to people,” the young lady said unhappily, sounding even more like a child.

“Since ancient times, according to the concept of yin and yang, nine is the maximum number of poles of yang.

Ten symbolizes wholeness, but when the moon is whole, it starts to wane thereafter.

Things can only move in the opposite direction when they reach their extremes, and things start to decline after reaching its zenith.

Therefore, nine is the upper limit of finiteness, the supreme number.

Past the number nine, she cant come back anymore.”

Han Zhuoli felt so troubled now, so all the more he did not take her words in.

“Since you know all these, why did you come only today! Today is the last day already!”

“Because it can only be today,” the young lady said.

“It must be today.

If the matter is not completed, her soul and spirit will be damaged even if they come back.

Previously, when she revived, her one soul and one spirit had been damaged.

Thats why after she got hurt, she went back.”

“Went back to where” Han Zhuoli asked in a low, sullen voice.

The young lady said, “She naturally went back to where she came from.”

The young lady stared at Lu Man and said, “But her physical body in her past life is already dead.

Her soul and spirit are floating around right now.

If she doesnt come back today, she wont be able to come back forever.”

“Then what are we supposed to do now Quick, call her back!” Han Zhuoli quickly said.

No matter whether the other party was saying the truth or just scaring him, Han Zhuoli would rather choose to believe her now.

The young lady said, “We cant do it now.

The reason we came only today is because we need to wait until this maximum number nine is reached.

Today is the ninth day.

We need to wait until 9:09 in the morning.

Nine divided by nine is one[1], where everything returns to square one.”

Han Zhuoli felt it was strange.

Where exactly did Wen Ren find this young lady

This kind of young lady did not stand out in the crowd.

No one would think that she was actually a master in this aspect.

Now they needed to wait, so there was no use in feeling anxious.

Han Zhuoli saw that the young lady just sat there and did not move anymore, so he asked, “You dont have anything you need to prepare”

“No,” the young lady said.

Han Zhuoli then looked at Wei Wucai.

Ever since they came in, he still had not had a chance to know who exactly she was.

Wei Wucai understood, and he explained, “Her name is Xie Jiling.

This year, she…”

Wei Wucai coughed once in awkwardness.

“Had just taken her college entrance exams.”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

“Is she an adult” Han Zhuoli asked.

“I am 18 already,” Xie Jiling emphasized.

Han Zhuoli glanced at her.

He did not think that just because she was an adult and was already 18 years old that it made her sound any more reliable.

“Where did you all find her” Han Zhuoli asked curiously.

“We didnt find her, she came to look for us,” Wei Wucai said.

“In our family, those who reach 18 years of age can come out to take on work.

Before 18 years of age, we can only learn diligently to improve ourselves day by day while learning the practice of mediumship,” Xie Jiling said.

“The Wen Family had always been working with the Xie Family.

For every generation, the Xie Family will send a representative over to work with the Wen Family.

However, the Xie Family will only send one representative per generation to work with the Master of the Wen Family belonging to the corresponding generation,” Wei Wucai explained.

[1] Chinese philosophical symbolism originally derived from abacus rule

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