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Chapter 2443: Whats Wrong

But in front of Wang Jugu, Xia Qingwei would not make her stand immediately obvious.

She also wanted to hear Wang Juhuais intentions.

“Whatever you want to say, you can say it briefly here for now,” Wang Juhuai said coldly.

“I first want to hear your motive for coming here before I decide whether or not to let you guys go up to talk in more detail.”

Wang Jugu paused for a moment and said, “Big Brother, its about Qianyun.

I know what Qianyun did this time was too much.

The two of us were also very upset and angry when we heard.

But… but can you two give her another chance

“Shes still so young, and shes a girl.

If she really goes to jail, she will be ruined.

She had been brought up lavishly and pampered since she was young.

She had never encountered such dark places.

She doesnt know how scary those people are at all.

After she goes in, who knows what kind of life she will lead in there I dont even dare to think about it.”

“Big Brother, Qianyun is your niece no matter what.

Can you bear to see your nieces future ruined just like this” Luo Wangyuan said.

“You… Can you both let Qianyun off this time I promise, we will definitely keep an eye on her.

She will not have a chance to hurt Lu Man again next time.”

Xia Qingwei clenched her teeth extremely hard.

Let off Wang Qianyun Then whos going to let her daughter off

Wang Qianyun did such a thing with the intention of killing Lu Man right from the start.

Just because Lu Man did not die, that did not mean that what Wang Qianyun did could be forgiven.

It did not mean that Wang Qianyun did not have the intention to kill!

And Lu Man was still unconscious now.

She was not waking up at all.

No matter how many doctors came, they could not find out what the cause was.

What if… What if Lu Man just went on like this

Why should she let Wang Qianyun off!

Xia Qingwei did not say a word.

But her eyes reddened as she glared hard at Wang Jugu and Luo Wangyuan.

Luo Wangyuan saw that Xia Qingwei looked as if she wanted to tear them apart alive, and she felt a little guilty.

But right after, she rolled her eyes at Xia Qingwei rudely.

Since she married Wang Juhuai, she had to bear with it!

“Impossible,” Wang Juhuai said.

“Wang Qianyun has to pay the price for what she did.”

Wang Jugu and Luo Wangyuan were stunned for a moment.

They stared at Wang Juhuai in disbelief.

What did he just say

Did they hear wrongly

Xia Qingwei stood beside Wang Juhuai, heaving a sigh of relief.

Right after that, her hand was held by Wang Juhuai.

Xia Qingwei turned to look at him.

Wang Juhuai also happened to look over.

He smiled at her, as if he was saying, “How could I do something that would disappoint you”

Luo Wangyuan asked in a piercing voice, “Big Brother, Qianyun is your niece! Are you going to be so ruthless as to send her to jail with your own hands She is your blood-related niece, you—”

How could Xia Qingwei not understand the tacit implication in Luo Wangyuans words

Wang Qianyun was Wang Juhuais niece while Lu Man was just a stepdaughter with no blood relation to him.

No matter what, blood-related kin would surely be closer to each other.

“Lu Man is also my daughter! Before Wang Qianyun acted, why did she not keep in mind that Lu Man is my daughter She tried to harm my daughter, and shes going to be punished in accordance with the law.

Whats wrong with that” Wang Juhuai said coldly and sternly.

“If you want us to let Wang Qianyun off, then you go tell that to Lu Man whos lying in a coma on the hospital bed right now! You go tell that to Han Zhuoli, who has been staying by Lu Mans side for four days and four nights straight without sleeping! I wont let Wang Qianyun off.

The Han Family will also not let Wang Qianyun off!”

“But isnt Lu Man alright now” Luo Wangyuan asked as she panicked.

“She will wake up sooner or later.

I already went to the hospital to ask.

The doctor said that there is already no problem with her injury.”

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