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Chapter 2437: Raging Flames

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“I was going to contact you even if you did not contact me,” Wen Ren said.

“I found the guy.

I heard what happened to Lu Man.

My men are bringing him and the doctors from Chu Tian Hospital to come and meet you.”

Who was the guy

Lu Man thought it was weird.

She could see that Han Zhuoli was about to say something.

But the voices were muffled.

She then felt her body being pulled in different directions.

She felt her body stretching, morphing, and being compressed by air.

She felt herself spinning around and being pulled away.

And then, her eyes were filled with darkness.

However, the darkness existed for just one second as light filled her eyes again.

However, it was unexpected this time.

It wasnt just bright.

It was flames shooting to the sky.

The flames raged and spread before Lu Mans eyes.

The furniture in the house toppled and fell.

Some old-fashioned pieces of wooden furniture were devoured by the flames and were burning fiercely.

The whole house reeked of the smell of smoke.

However, Lu Man was not affected by the smell at all.

She could feel the high temperature of the fire, but the burning heat could not wound her.

When her eyes became accustomed to the scorchingly bright flames, she finally had a clear view and saw that she was not the only one in the house.

He Zhengbai and Lu Qi were also in the house.

She was also buried deep within the blazing flames!

This was her previous life! The time when she died!

This meant that this burning house was the home she had with Xia Qingwei.

The small home.

In this life, she had sold this old house.

Why Why did she return here

Moreover, she came back in this form.

Only her soul had returned.

Once again, she saw how she had died.

Why did this happen

Why did she… Why did she come back here!

Must she watch her previous self die in agony

Would her soul be then trapped here forever

Lu Man thought such things worriedly.

Even though He Zhengbai and Lu Qi from her previous life were before her eyes, she was in no mood to look at them.

Even though her previous self was burning in the flames, she was not worried at all.

She already knew that her self from the previous life would die.

If she had not died, she would not have transmigrated and would never have met Han Zhuoli.

Currently, Lu Man was not worried about her self from her previous life.

She was worried that she would be stuck here.

Han Zhuoli was still waiting for her.

She mustnt be trapped here.


The hateful cry pulled Lu Mans mind from her thoughts.

It was the voice of her previous self sounding amid the flames.

“Sister, you have already been sent to prison, and even once you are released, you will not have a good future ahead.

Your mother is dead as well, and there is no one in the world who cares for you now, so what is the use of staying alive”

“The two of you schemed to send me to jail and even caused my mothers death.

Now you even want my life!” Lu Man could see her previous self say in deep resentment.

“These were all what you deserve,” He Zhengbai said.

“If you are left alive, you will definitely tell people about what happened.

I will not let you destroy what we have now.”

“Rest in peace, older sister.

Dad knows about this whole thing and he has already prepared an auspicious burial site.

He remembers what you have done for the Lu family and wont mistreat you even after you die,” Lu Qi said gently.

Lu Man felt an odd sensation.

In her previous life, Lu Qi and He Zhengbai were so in love.

However, in her newly transmigrated life, the two had turned against each other and were almost enemies.

This was strange yet amazing.

Lu Man could see her previous self glaring with bloodshot eyes and hear her laughing loudly.

Lu Qi and He Zhengbai were both proud of what they had done..

And so, they did not see nor hear anything.

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