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Chapter 2429: Why Does Older Sister Keep Sleeping

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So in the car, he started crying and wailing loudly again.

He cried really loudly and demandingly, exerting more effort than usual.

Even Xia Qingwei felt really embarrassed.

They were still in Bian Daoren and the others car.

People had worked so hard to save the little kiddo, yet they still had to put up with the noise from the childs bawling.

Xia Qingwei kept on pacifying and coaxing him, but to no avail.

It was as if the little kiddo was throwing a tantrum.

But the little kiddo had just been saved from an extremely dangerous situation.

Xia Qingwei could not bear to be fierce to him and felt really troubled.

Seeing the awkward situation Xia Qingwei was in, Bian Daoren smiled and said, “Its fine.

Children are like that, dont worry.”

They finally made it to the hotel, and Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai said their thanks once again.

The two of them were sincerely grateful.

They then carried little Yijun and returned to their room.

Auntie Liang had been reproaching herself the entire time.

She was the one who had lost little Yijun.

But Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei were not unreasonable people.

They knew that, actually, this was not Auntie Liangs fault.

The hotel they stayed in was located in a very famous, high-end district in New York.

It was one of the places with the best security.

No one had expected something to happen here.

And Lin Jinshu came prepared.

Auntie Liang could not have expected that either.

So the two of them would not blame Auntie Liang because of this.

But Auntie Liang could not get over her conscience and felt too ashamed to see them.

All along, Auntie Liang had been extremely diligent and did not make a single mistake from the start of Xia Qingweis pregnancy up until little Yijun was born.

This time was not Auntie Liangs fault either.

But with the lesson learned this time, Auntie Liang really did not dare to bring little Yijun out to play anymore.

Xia Qingwei prepared some milk formula for little Yijun and fed him until he was full before bringing him to the hospital together with Wang Juhuai.

When they reached the hospital, they found to their disappointment that Lu Man had yet to come to.

“Man Man hasnt woken up” Xia Qingwei asked, holding on to some hope that perhaps Lu Man had woken up halfway when they were not around.

But they were still disappointed in the end.

Han Zhuoli shook his head.

When he saw little Yijun in Xia Qingweis arms, he smiled and said, “You found Yijun.”

Xia Qingwei nodded.

“This time, its really all thanks to you for engaging the help of Spines.

Thats why we could find him so quickly.”

After saying that, Xia Qingwei carried little Yijun over to the other side of the hospital bed.

She looked at Lu Man, who was still in a coma, lying peacefully on the bed with no reaction at all.

She had just found her son, but her daughter was still lying on the hospital bed in a coma.

Xia Qingwei suppressed the heartache she felt and said to the unconscious Lu Man, “Man Man, did Zhuoli tell you that Yijun had been kidnapped by some people

“But luckily, this child has a good fortune and a blessed life.

Not long after he was taken away, we managed to find him, so you dont need to be worried as well,” Xia Qingwei said.

“I brought Yijun over.

Dont you want to wake up earlier to see him too

“This little kiddo is so callous and heartless.

He didnt even know to be scared when he was kidnapped.

He didnt even cry.

But because of this, he didnt suffer, so its also quite a good thing,” Xia Qingwei said gently.

“Im not worried about Yijun now, I am just worried about you.” Xia Qingwei carried little Yijun over to Lu Mans side.

Little Yijun had long learned to roll his body over.

As he lay beside Lu Man, the sterile smell of the hospital did not manage to mask the very familiar sweet scent on Lu Mans body.

Little Yijun rolled beside Lu Man, kicking his legs out like a gigantic and slightly fat earthworm, wriggling over to the side of Lu Mans face.

He lifted his small hands and went to touch Lu Mans face.

Lu Man had injured the back of her head.

Her face was not injured, so they were not worried that little Yijun would touch her wound.

Little Yijun also felt puzzled that Big Sister kept sleeping.

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