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Chapter 2413: This Is Unfair

Sun Mengying patted her hand, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“If I really pinched you until you cry out in pain, it will be embarrassing.

We tied with the top team, after all.

This is a historic moment.

If you cry out now, you will regret it later on.”

Zhou Li smiled and said, “I… I still think it feels like Im dreaming.

It feels difficult to breathe.”

Below the stage, Principal Liu and the other three principals all stood up in excitement and agitation.

At first, they never hoped that the exchange team could win.

They only hoped that they would not embarrass themselves.

Even if they lost, they should lose gracefully and not let the other side win so easily.

Yet whod have thought They actually achieved such an astounding result!

This was something they did not even dare to dream of before this!

“Good! Good! Good!”

Principal Zhang nodded incessantly, feeling so proud and agitated that his face even turned red.

“Finally, this time, we can also report back with good news.”

Principal Lu clapped til his hands almost became swollen.

“If we can tie this time, we will surely be able to win in the future!”

Principal Min nodded.


Just like what Robert said, talent is one thing, but as long as they work hard, there will come a day when we can excel beyond pure talent!”

Although there were not many audience members who supported the exchange team at the venue, at this moment, their applause reverberated across the entire venue.

Backstage, everyone in the top team stared at the screen in disbelief.

“What is this What was their performance even And they tied with us” Jared said angrily.

“Their standard did improve much more than before, but they actually managed to tie with us This is completely unfair! Its because of what happened backstage just then, thats why they especially increased their points, right!”

Orens words happened to be heard by the principal who had just walked in.

“I knew you guys would feel indignant and upset, so I specifically came over to see you.” The principals voice rang out, making the others jump.

When everyone saw him, they all did not dare to say a word.

They even retracted the looks of outrage on their faces.

But the principal had long registered their earlier reaction, so even if they retracted their expressions now, it was too late.

“You think their performance isnt worthy of tying against yours, right” the principal asked.

But at this moment, when they were asked to speak, no one said “yes.”

For some reason, looking at the principals stern and dark expression now, no one could bring themselves to say “yes.”

The corners of the principals lips twitched before he said, “When the video recording of the entire competition is edited and ready, I will send you all a copy.

You guys can take a look.

Through the screen, you can watch from a third-party perspective and see how your performance was like, and then compare it against the exchange teams performance.”

“Principal, I think, actually, this is also because Robert and Hayer put in good words for the exchange team to get more points for them.

This is unfair to us,” Jared said.

“This isnt a public vote.

Who can Robert and Hayer get more points from The four judges” the principal stared at them as if they were idiots.

Seeing that each of them really thought that way, the principal felt that they were really a bunch of idiots.

“Look at those four judges yourselves.

Are they people who will change their minds easily They came to judge your performances because they have their own set of judgment criteria and skills.

What has this got to do with Robert and Hayer”

The principal said, “The four judges were not only not being unfair, but they even gave you face because you guys are the official hosts for the competition and it wouldnt look good if you lost to other people.

Thats why they let you draw in a tie.

If not, you guys wont even have the chance to draw in a tie.”

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