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Chapter 2411: This Bunch of People, Theyre Too Cunning!

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“HAHAHAHAHA!” Grijec broke into a hearty laugh.

“I didnt expect that you all have actually managed to invite them to help you with rehearsals.

Indeed, one look and people can tell that this is the work of a skilled teacher.

But your performance still feels a little amateurish, and you werent able to keep up with Robert and Hayers pace.

“I am also looking forward to your improvement, and I hope that you will be able to achieve the pace of an expert,” Grijec said.

When the emcee saw that they mentioned Robert and Hayer, they naturally would not let go of such a good opportunity.

“From what I know, Robert and Hayer are also present here today,” the emcee said.

The audience members all started looking out for those two people in surprise.

The two of them then decided to stand up magnanimously and openly.

“Their improvement has been exceptionally huge, its very difficult for you all to imagine.

When you watched them perform today, this is the standard you saw, but how their standard was like previously had been very different,” Robert said.

“I always felt that when it comes to performing, its definitely good to have talent.

But talent isnt the most important aspect.

The most important part is hard work.”

Roberts words could be said to have hit the right spot in Howells heart.

Howell, who was seated below the stage, kept nodding at his words.

“As long as you work hard and show obvious improvement, you didnt learn for nothing and have a great potential,” Robert said.

“This is also the reason why I and Hayer agreed to direct and guide their performance.

Because they are willing to learn and to work hard.

Compared to talented people, who dont want to work hard just because they think they are talented, I prefer people like them who work really hard to explore and hone their craft.”

Hayer said, “These kids, from the point when they started learning from us, they seized every second and every minute to practice.

We could see them improving bit by bit from the previous day.

When we noticed that they did not make the same mistakes we pointed out yesterday, we felt really, very happy, and very comforted.

When you have students who are willing to listen, its something which really makes people feel especially satisfied.”

“It was precisely because of this that they could show such a huge improvement.

This is all due to their own hard work and effort,” Robert continued.

“And, because they had a competition today, they almost did not sleep for a night.

These kids, they really poured their heart and soul into performing.

No matter what their final results are today, to the two of us, theyve already scored full marks!

“They scored full marks not because of how well they acted, but because of their hard work, their improvement.

Their improvement is so significant that it makes the two of us who guided them feel especially accomplished.”

Lu Man and the others were still standing on stage.

The students in the top team were backstage and saw what was happening on stage through the live broadcast of the event on the TV screen.

Zac was stunned.

“What Theyre even helping them to get more points”

With Robert and Hayer endorsing their efforts, it was hard to say that those four judges would not be swayed.

And, after their top team finished performing, no one helped them to put in a good word.

Yet after the exchange team finished performing, they had two big-shot figures like Robert and Hayer putting in good words for them!

This was unfair!


The exchange team people even claimed that they wanted a fair competition.

How was this fair!

Robert even said that he gave them full marks.

Wasnt he trying to influence the judges scoring decision

The others could not contain their anger.

“This bunch of people, theyre too cunning!”

“Hmph! They were saying that we were bad here and there, yet they ended up pulling such sinister tricks themselves..

They even asked Robert and Hayer to help them get more points.

This in itself is unfair!”


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