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Chapter 2406: Bullies the Weak but Fears the Strong

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“This is out of our respect for our opponents and for this competition.

No matter what our capabilities are, we need to give our best to ensure that the competition is a fair one.

Of course, its also to avoid the possibility that they would shift the responsibility to us and think that we were purposely causing trouble before the competition if they ended up not performing as well.

“I also made it very clear that we gave them a very good pre-competition environment, hoping that they too can respect us.

At such a critical moment when we are just about to go up on stage, they shouldnt come and pester us over these things.”

Lu Man acted as if she was laughing in anger and said, “But not only did my words not manage to dissuade Albertine, they seemed to have reminded him that he can seize this chance to disrupt the emotions that we finally managed to prepare and bring out, all in order to make us lose focus on stage, unable to get into character at the first instance.

“No matter what we said, he refused to listen and did not intend to be reasonable at all,” Lu Man said.

“The emotions we built up for this performance had been completely disrupted.

We quarreled with them in anger, raising our voices a little, and thats why we alarmed everyone,” Lu Man finished off saying.

The faces of Principal Liu and the others instantly darkened.

“Your students are too much of a bully!”

“Shes spouting nonsense! I didnt!” After his shock, Albertine could finally tell that Lu Man was pushing all the blame on him!

If Lu Man had said that it was their whole team, at least there would still be people who could shoulder the blame together with him.

But now, Lu Man had singled only him out.

If they were to pursue the matter, him taking full responsibility for this would be much more severe than having a few people take the blame together!

“A coward who bullies the weak but fears the strong! Where did the arrogance you showed when we were the only ones around go” Tan Mingxiao said loudly.

“Now you dont even dare to admit it after you did it.”

“Enough!” the principal shouted.

The moment his voice rang out, a flurry of clicking sounds was heard.

When they turned to look, they saw that so many reporters had also followed them over since god knows when.

As the annual friendly exchange competitions reputation was slowly increasing, so was its popularity.

In the top team itself, there were up-and-coming new generation actors.

And with word that Han Zhuolis wife, Lu Man, was participating, the competition this year received exceptional attention from the media.

The school was naturally happy about this.

Even Principal Liu and the few other principals were also very happy that so many reporters came this time.

They hoped to use this chance to publicize the countrys acting industry more.

Who knew that such a thing would happen when there were so many reporters

Their top teams students had resorted to underhanded means just to win the competition.

They were clearly a bunch of people who always boasted about their own capabilities and never looked upon the exchange team as equals.

But when it really came to the competition, they actually used such despicable means.

What did this show

It showed that the top team actually still lacked confidence deep down and were still scared that the exchange team might win.

They kept claiming that the exchange teams capability could not make the cut and was miles apart comparatively.

But to do something so despicable like this, they had actually already confirmed the exchange teams capabilities in their hearts, showing they were just afraid to lose.

Chamberlains expression was so stern that it was scary.

He said to Albertine and the others, “You all make me very disappointed.

“If its about our feedback, you can feel indignant about it and doubt it.

But even if we learn of those doubts, we wont bear a grudge so pettily.

But you all actually resorted to cheap shots backstage, trying to obstruct your opponents and ruin the fairness of the competition..” Chamberlain shook his head and said, “I feel ashamed on all of your behalf.”

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