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Chapter 2403: Despicable Means

“If word of this really spreads, it could only be you all who must have leaked it out.

We wont let you all off.”

If this had taken place another time, Lu Man would have been interested to ask him how he was going to deal with them.

But it was not the time to get entangled now.

Lu Man did not say anything and looked straight at the stage in front.

She took deep breaths without leaving any trace.

“Im talking to you!” Albertine frowned and said, “What attitude is this!”

“We have to prepare to go on stage to perform and dont have the time to talk about all this useless stuff,” Lu Man coldly said.

“When you all were on stage, we sat far away and kept silent.

We did not disturb or affect your performance.

“So please also have the decency to leave now and not affect our mood for the performance,” Lu Man coldly said.

Han Leilei could not help herself from worrying that Albertine was planning to create trouble here and mess up their mood and rhythm so that they wouldnt perform well.

This was too despicable!

Shana said, “Albertine, lets leave first.

They are about to go on stage.”

“Shana, which side are you on” Albertine coldly asked.

Helena pulled Shana over.

“Albertine, what are you doing They are going on stage soon.

Should you be disturbing them”

Albertine was reminded by their words.

Yes, if I create trouble now and affect the mood of the exchange team, it would disturb them from their immersion and they wont be in the right emotional state when they get on stage.

The exchange team will then likely lose.

Albertine sneered.

“Im not leaving! If you all lose, it means you all are weak.

What has it got to do with me Isnt the shifting of emotions the most basic thing A qualified actor should be able to immerse in their role within seconds.

Dont blame your incompetencies on me.

If you are easily affected, you are not worthy to be an actor and even more unworthy to be our opponent.”

Lu Man narrowed her eyes.

Albertine was really planning to use despicable means.

“Despicable!” Guo Hai furiously said.

“If you all have absolute capabilities, why would you come here to create trouble” Tan Mingxiao said mockingly.

“Or are you actually afraid so you purposely came here to disturb us”

“Afraid Afraid of you all Are you all worthy” Albertine mocked.

“Go away.

Stay away from us.

We have to prepare to go on stage,” Lu Man warned him.

“This is the last time Im telling you.”

“I dont want to go.

What can you do to me” Albertine felt that Lu Man was just frightening him.

Shana had seen Lu Mans responsiveness and the methods in her employ to handle matters.

Any kind of impromptu emergency was nothing to her.

Shana felt that if they did not leave, they would be at a disadvantage.

“Helena, lets go.

Dont create trouble here,” Shana said to Helena quietly.

Helena was quite righteous and said to the others, “Were leaving.

You all better leave together with us.”

Helena was on good terms with Shana and had heard about Lu Man from her.

She knew that Lu Man was not to be trifled with.

People like Helena who had a straightforward temper were the most envious and fearful of people who were smart.

The rest of them hesitated.

Eventually, Julia, Alfron, and Catherine left with Shana and Helena.

The remaining ones did not leave.

They had also guessed Albertines intention and felt that this idea was not bad.

Didnt Lu Man also use despicable means previously to affect their performance

They were only returning back what had been done to them.

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