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Chapter 2401: Opportunity

Hence, Han Zhuoling also said before, “If you cant achieve much even with such convenient terms, then its not justifiable.”

However, having said that, the two brothers still had to support those that should be supported.

When the Han Corporation planned to film “Devil Warriors 2,” Han Zhuofeng had been arranged to take on the position of deputy director.

It would be different from how he had been observing and learning previously.

He was allowed to participate this time and had to complete all the tasks by himself.

They had already made plans.

When Han Zhuofeng graduated, they would set aside some funds for him to personally try and direct a play.

Profits or losses did not matter.

Whats most important was to let Han Zhuofeng gain experience.

It was reckoned that only Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling could fork out such a sum of money just for Han Zhuofeng to gain experience.

Robert and Hayer walked over.

Of course, the four principals knew that Robert and Hayer had helped the children rehearse for free.

Principal Liu gratefully said, “A big thank you to both of you for coming to help the children rehearse during the most difficult period for our team.

The students had reported the rehearsal situation each day to us.

They said that the two of you had taught them a lot and that they had benefited so much.”

“Dont be so polite.

We also have nothing much to hide, and what weve taught does not suit everyone.

We still hope that they can maintain their fundamentals and raise their foundation.

Furthermore, they themselves have fumbled around and improved.

Anyway, they will improve sooner or later.

Its good to teach them in advance and its not necessary for us to hide anything,” Hayer said with a smile.

The group sat together as they talked.

Old Mrs.

Han could only watch and wait for Robert to praise Lu Man.

However, after he finished speaking, he had no intention of praising Lu Man.

Hence, Old Mrs.

Han cleared her throat and said, “Robert, how is our Lu Mans performance”

As Robert looked at Old Mrs.

Hans gaze that was filled with expectations, he said, “Lu Man has always performed well.

“Oh, right, I thought of inviting her to be a guest performer for a play in our theater.

Although its not an important role and shell only appear in one scene with only a few lines, the experience will be different on the Broadway stage.

Since Lu Man is here, she can give it a try.”

Upon hearing that, everyone from the Han Family was happy.

Although her part in the play would be small, it wasnt a place where just anyone could go.

This was a recognition for Lu Man.

This opportunity was not for the purpose of making Lu Man become famous.

Instead, it was to let her have an experience.

It was like Han Zhuofeng learning from a big-time director.

After about 20 minutes more, the performance officially started.

The students from New York University were the first to go on stage.

The order of the performance was determined by balloting.

Lu Man had been the representative to draw a lot.

However, there were only two rounds.

Hence, it did not matter who went first.

Those who got on stage and performed first could put their pressure aside and focus on watching the others performance.

Even if their performance wasnt good, it would be useless to feel depressed at that point.

They might as well relax.

However, it was also easy for those who went on stage first to not be in good condition.

Those who went on stage in the second half would feel the pressure throughout and would not be able to relax.

If the students from New York University performed too well, it might even affect the second groups performance later.

Bit it could also give them more time to adjust their emotions and make it convenient for them to be absorbed in their roles.

In short, there were pros and cons.

In the end, Lu Man picked the second half.

The team members felt that this was destined.

The team from New York University would be performing a fragment from Shakespeares famous tragic love story, “Romeo and Juliet.”

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