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Chapter 2397: Just a 24-year-old Young Lady

“Im not afraid of you all scolding me for this.

Anyway, the country thinks we have a chance at winning this time around, but the person whom everyone really has high expectations for is me.

After all, I am the person who led the National Film Academy to victory once before,” Lu Man said as she smiled.

Although she said that, no one got angry.

Because everyone knew that Lu Man was actually trying to take away some of the pressure weighing down on their shoulders.

Guo Hai and the others were not from the same school as Lu Man.

Those who had not interacted much with her before also had a certain level of understanding about Lu Man after interacting with her during this period.

They knew that Lu Man actually never boasted about her achievements and was a very humble and low-profile person.

But people better not come finding trouble with her.

Or else, the traditional Chinese virtue of humility would instantly be cast aside to god knows which country by Lu Man.

Besides the fact that she could crush you to death in conflict, if you lost to her once, she could use those results to anger you to death.

It was precisely because they understood her that they knew, Lu Man was not showing off to them at this moment.

Even Zhang Xiaoying did not get angry because of this.

They knew that Lu Man was trying to relieve some of the pressure they felt.

“So…” Lu Man smiled and took a sip of red wine before saying, “If we really lose, the commentators will surely place most of the responsibility on me.

They will say that I didnt lead the team well, that I was too proud and arrogant, that I got ahead of myself just because I produced some achievements, that I might have just gotten lucky when I won previously.

“They will tell me not to pretend to be the boss if Im not capable.” Lu Man smiled as she spoke.

“I can think of all that they will say.

So, with me holding off the cannons in front, what do you guys have to be afraid of”

“They dont understand at all and will just be spouting nonsense,” Wang Yanglin said, feeling helpless.

“They dont have that capability themselves, theyre only good at typing away on their keyboards.”

Lu Man smiled and said, “I say all these to let you all know that no matter what happens, I will still be there to hold off the most intense cannons, so you all dont need to be too nervous.”

“Then this will be too unbecoming of us.

Theres still a few of us grown men over here.

How can we let a girl like you stay ahead to hold off everything when something happens” Wang Yanglin said.

“Exactly,” Xu Chuansheng said.

“Even if we really lose, were all in this together.”

“Lets stop with all this depressing talk,” Sun Hezhou said.

“Lets adjust our mindsets properly first and perform as usual.

Even if we lose, at least well have no regrets.

If we get too nervous because we treat this with such high importance and end up not performing well, then that would really be so aggrieving.”

Just look at Howard and the others from that time.

Wasnt it really aggrieving

So everyone poured some wine for themselves again and drank until they were slightly tipsy, then quickly went to sleep.

They slept, relaxed, and adjusted their mindsets properly.

Once everyone had all dispersed, Lu Man sighed.

Although she had urged everyone to go and rest, in fact, she herself could not sleep either.

She felt the pressure and was worried that she would not do well.

Lu Man then went to the balcony to get some fresh air, but she ended up receiving a video call from Han Zhuoli.

“Why arent you sleeping yet” Han Zhuoli asked, seeing that Lu Man answered so quickly.

Lu Man laughed as she asked, “You thought I was sleeping Then why did you give me a video call”

“I just wanted to check if you slept early.” Han Zhuolis reason was very justified.

“Dont tell me youre too nervous that you cant sleep”

“A little” Lu Man said.

“Everyones expectations are too high.

If we lose, there will be too many people who are disappointed.”

Han Zhuoli stared at Lu Man on the screen.

She was only just a 24-year-old young lady, after all.

She had always been under a disproportionate amount of pressure for her age.

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