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Chapter 2390: About to Face a Gruesome Garroting

For the eight great families, its only a simple matter for them to help, no loss whatsoever.

But such a small thing, with the combined efforts of two or more families, would become a terrible nightmare!

So Han Zhuoli only had to tell Qi Chengzhi, Chu Zhaoyang, and the others.

And the other families would refuse to work with Oren.

Any brand activities, ambassadorships, and advertisements under their companies would give Oren no work.

Oren was not one to miss anyway.

Even without him, thered be others.

He wasnt irreplaceable.

Plus, Oren wasnt popular enough to be fought over.

He too had to compete with others for resources and brand ambassadorships.

This was more than enough to make Oren suffer.

Many foreign brands seemed so distant and mighty, but in reality, Chinese companies had stakes in at least 70% of them.

Some had even been silently bought over by their companies.

The eight great families had such situations too.

Hence, Oren had no inkling that he was about to face a gruesome garroting.

Oren had finished chatting with others when he swept the room and spotted Lu Man.

The unknowing man walked over with a smile.

He was deluded, imagining he had some sort of relationship with Lu Man already.

In front of Lu Mans husband, someone who was influential…

He stood in front of such a person and gave Lu Man a small smile, which gave him a whole other sense of satisfaction.

“Lu Man.” Oren walked over, greeting Lu Man.

Shi Xiaoya gave this poor guy a silent prayer.

He had no idea that he was going to be in hot waters soon enough, so he was still strutting about like a peacock in full display to make sure none missed him.

How fearless!

Even if Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli knew nothing about it before, couldnt they understand Orens intention now

Lu Man rose politely.

Han Zhuoli stood too.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya also rose to their feet.

The four stood together.

Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli both towered at nearly 1.9 meters or 6 feet tall.

Oren suddenly felt surrounded.

Though Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli werent showing a cold expression, their neutral faces were daunting already.

Typically, one of them was intimidating enough, let alone both combined.

Lu Man pretended to know nothing as she introduced him to Han Zhuoli.

“This is Oren, considered my schoolmate.”

And to Oren, “This is my husband.”

“Hello.” Han Zhuoli nodded blandly.

“Hello, how do you do” Oren replied politely.

“Do you have work too, Mr.

Han So you came with Lu Man”

“No, I accompanied her here today,” Han Zhuoli answered.

“If she came to such a distant place alone, Ill worry about her.

She knows no one here.

What if she got bullied”

Oren gave a dry laugh.

“You are such a loving couple.”

“Naturally.” Lu Man beamed at Han Zhuoli.

Her gaze was so cool towards Oren, but her eyes shone so brightly as if theyre filled with stars when she turned them onto Han Zhuoli.

Her eyes were filled with only Han Zhuoli.

Nobody else mattered.

Oren doubted his charisma for the first time ever.

Even if Lu Man was married, could she really care about no one else

If thats the case, then Lu Man had really not seen the world.

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