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Chapter 2389: Short-sighted

When he heard this, Han Zhuolings expression darkened and he scoffed, “Seems he really doesnt know how to spell the wordscared.”

Han Zhuoling raised his brow.

“So youre not doing anything and leting him off so easily”

Han Zhuoli smiled, saying, “The companys not just mine to do with as I pleased.”

Han Zhuoling rolled his eyes at him.

“Act all you want, but why didnt you say this when you were helping Lu Man”

Han Zhuoli snickered.

“Werent you still overseas back then Now that youre here, we can discuss everything, whatever happens.”

“Cut to the point.” Han Zhuoling sniffed.

“Arent you just asking for my agreement Still trying to beat around the bush with me”

“Oh no, no,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Ive wanted to ask you long before.

Seeing him today was just a coincidence.”

Han Zhuoling then looked towards Oren, sneering.

“Does he think our Han Corporation has no influence here, so he dares to hanker after Sister-in-law”

Han Zhuoli casually took out his phone.

“Then lets have him see whether or not the Han Corporation has any say here.”

Han Zhuoli spoke as he dialled Zheng Tianmings number.

“Young Master Han.” He picked up immediately.

“Give me all of Orens recent activities and events,” Han Zhuoli ordered.

“Already done,” Zheng Tianming replied.

As soon as Han Zhuoli had mentioned this matter to Zheng Tianming, the other man had already made moves without hesitation.

Hed known Han Zhuoling would agree.

Han Zhuoli knew it too, but its better to at least ask Han Zhuoling.

Hence, Zheng Tianming was ready.

They could strike the moment Han Zhuoli told Han Zhuoling.

“Thats fast.” Han Zhuoli gave Zheng Tianmings efficiency a thumbs-up.

As for dealing with Oren, Zheng Tianming had plenty of experience.

Hed done it so many times in the past.

He was especially adept at dealing with Lu Mans enemies.

“Ive already sorted out all the Han Corporation-related events Oren has.

None is directly related to the Han Corporation, but there are some under companies that are working with us, as well as some subsidiary companies and production companies, etc., that Han Corporation has stakes in.

Ive also sorted out events by brands that the other seven great families have invested in,” Zheng Tianming said.

So Oren was really short-sighted.

He thought that since the Han Corporation had just entered Hollywood, it wasnt stable.

A foreign company, an easy target of bullying.

And he had no work with the Han Corporation, so he wasnt afraid.

When in fact, the Han Corporation had numerous subsidiary companies spread across various industries that did not openly collaborate with their parent company.

Some were sole subsidiaries, others were joint ventures with stakes.

And some were good working partners.

And they wouldnt offend the Han Corporation just for a celebrity.

The outcome was clear.

Plus, the Han Family was part of the eight great families, and their ties were strong.

Each family was also involved in many different industries.

If the eight great families worked hand in hand, then the scale and magnitude of work theyre involved in would be beyond imagination.

Oren as a foreigner had no idea how great the power of the eight great families was.

But everyone back home, including the big bosses, all made their moves carefully.

Because they knew all too well.

If they offended one family, they also offended the other seven.

As long as one family told another family about it…

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