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Xia Mengxuan quickly combed and arranged her hair, “Who knows, maybe Director Sun Yiwu might take a liking to me.

Arent there many other celebrities who also had a similar experience They followed their friend to the audition, but ended up getting chosen instead.”

“…” The corner of You Lilis mouth froze for a moment.

What Xia Mengxuan meant was that she, You Lili, was her “friend”, huh.


“Xia Mengxuan, stop joking,” Chen Shimian bellowed in laughter, “Quickly take a mirror and look at yourself.

Youre just an average, ordinary person, yet youre hoping that the director would take a liking to you at first glance Stop dreaming! There are plenty of beauties in the entertainment industry.

Even if you go for plastic surgery, you probably still cant match up!”

“Chen Shimian, Im not even talking to you, why are putting your nose in!” Xia Mengxuan was so furious that her features looked menacing.

The one thing she couldnt stand the most was men calling her ugly!

“How am I any uglier than those actors! Besides, many actors arent very good-looking either.

What matters most is your charisma and aura!” Xia Mengxuan exuded what she personally felt was her most elegant and poised aura.

“Maybe the director will like my charisma!”

Xia Mengxuan genuinely felt that she was no worse and matched up to the standard of those currently popular budding starlets.

With some make-up, lighting and editing, she could be that pretty too.

“Sure, lets not talk about your appearance, well take it that you might get cast, ok But they are filming an action movie, you dont even have any experience in fighting, yet youre still thinking of filming it Now, dont even say that other actors dont know kung-fu either, at least they have some background in dancing! They are filming all year round and have experience.

Why will they ignore those legitimate actors with experience and pick you instead Stop dreaming!” Chen Shimian rolled his eyes at her.

Honestly, Xia Mengxuans self-confidence was way too good.

She didnt even have an inkling of how she really was!

“You! Chen Shimian! How is it any of your business whether Im dreaming or not” Xia Mengxuan turned around and grabbed You Lilis hand, “Lili, lets go, lets head down to the underground filming studio to take a look.”

After the two of them left, Sister Li smiled at Lu Man.

“Lu Man, go and take a look too.”

The young ones would be interested in such things after all.

Lu Man shook her head.

“Im not really interested in this.”

Sister Li felt that Lu Man really did not behave like a girl her age.

She remembered that Lu Man was probably only 22 years old.

A typical 22-year-old girl would still be a fangirl in a university, discussing with her friends about her favorite celebrity, but Lu Man was so mature that she seemed to not be interested in anything like that.

Working in Han Corporation, one couldnt help but meet a lot of celebrities.

However, she had never seen Lu Man getting excited over it nor had heard her talk about who was her favorite celebrity.

She was so mature and reliable that others often tended to forget about her age.

In reality, she was the youngest in this office, yet Xia Mengxuan and Ye Xiaoxing behaved so immaturely.

They were not sensible at all, behaving as if they were younger than her.

Sister Li smiled and stood up, walking over, she tugged at Lu Man, “Come on, just take it that youre accompanying me, Im interested in taking a look too.

My daughter is a die-hard fan of celebrities right now, her favorite one is Qiao Luna.

Who knows if she will be coming here right now but if she is, Ill surely get an autograph from her for my daughter when I have the chance.”

Therefore, Lu Man was dragged along by Sister Li to the filming studio.

In the studio, there were many B-list and C-list celebrities gathered.

Even though Director Sun Yiwu was looking for a actresses this time, many male celebrities took the time off to come over too.

They werent here to ask for a role in the movie, but just here so that Director Sun Yiwu would be familiar with their faces and perhaps catch a word with him too.

They just wanted to leave an impression on the director so that he would remember them in the future when he would cast for new films.

Currently, an empty space had been circled out in the studio for the audition.


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