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Chapter 2381: Why Are They So Troublesome

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But ultimately, the addition of Robert and Hayer still gave them some pressure.

The school finally learned of this matter as well.

“All this time, didnt the exchange teams always look for teachers within the school to provide guidance Why did they go and look for Robert and Hayer directly this time” This matter alarmed the principal, who asked someone to find out more about the details.

The principals secretary said in a troubled tone, “I just went to ask.

The students from the exchange team went to look for teachers yesterday, but they all got rejected.

It was probably because of this that they thought of going out of the school to look for someone.”

The principal massaged his temples, feeling like he had developed a headache.

“Doesnt this show that no teacher in our school is willing to do it They came to learn, to participate in the competition.

Yet when they needed to learn and to compete, no teacher was willing to teach them.

Then whats the point of them coming over

“If word goes out, wont our school become the butt of jokes We welcomed the exchange students over, but we were thinking of ways to suppress them at the same time.

We dont even want to cooperate with them on the matter of assigning a teacher to guide them in their performance for the competition.

It looks as if we cant afford to lose.”

The principal stood up in anger and paced back and forth around the office desk.

The principals secretary consoled him and said, “Their capabilities are so far off from that of our students, we dont need to use such methods to suppress them at all.

We wont lose at all, so no matter how impressive the teachers they found are, they wont be able to win against us.

This is because the gap between both sides is way too huge.

It is not something they can achieve at all just based on any other matter within such a short period of time.

“I think everyone understands this point and wont think that we are purposely trying to suppress them,” the principals secretary said.

The principal said in a vexed voice, “Its precisely because of this that things are even more troublesome.

Everyone knows the gap between both sides.

They know that the exchange students wont be able to defeat us no matter what.

Yet even when things are like this, we still want to make things difficult for them.

This makes us look so ungracious.

“Ungracious and lacking confidence,” the principal said.

“The gap between our capabilities is clearly so big.

We can clearly win for sure, but being so petty like this makes it look as if we are afraid that they will ambush us.

It shows that we are lacking confidence in our current capabilities and are being nasty.

“And the teachers in our school are not professional enough.

Its not that they dont want to teach the other party because they are afraid that they will win.

They are scared that if the other side loses too badly, it will ruin their own reputation, so they didnt want to teach them.

If word of this goes out, it will sound like our schools teachers are only willing to teach students with strong capabilities and dont care about the weaker students at all.

Since they are so unprofessional, who will be willing to come to our school in the future”

The principal scratched his head in vexation.

“All these things, why are they so troublesome!”

The principal paced left and right in big strides and said, “The previous exchange students who came over from their side did not have so many issues.

Why is there so much fuss this time around!”

“Actually…” The principals secretary hesitated for a moment.

The principal turned and asked, “Actually what”

“Actually, before Lu Man came, those exchange students were quite quiet,” the principals secretary said.

“Previously, because their capabilities were really too weak, they had been mocked by many students, who said their capabilities really could not make it.

But as much as they were angry, they didnt really do anything and behaved quite honestly.

“And this was a matter among the students, so we didnt interfere either,” the principals secretary said.

“I know that the exchange students certainly felt the injustice in their hearts, but they didnt make a scene at all.

“And then Lu Man came..” The principals secretary felt tired just thinking about it.

Why was there a thorn like Lu Man among this batch of exchange students

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