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Chapter 2379: Disgusting

“…” Helena stomped her feet.

“What are you joking around for”

She asked again, “So what you just said is a bluff”

“Nope, I didnt lie at all.” Lu Man smiled and said, “We did beat your second team.”

Helena: “…”

This matter is here to stay, is it!

All because the disappointing second-string team lost, now she couldnt even rebuke Lu Man every time she mentioned it!

“Okay, okay.” Shana laughed until her stomach ached.

“Stop teasing her!”

Helena recovered.

“Im not asking you this.

Im asking, is it true that Robert and Hayer are coming to help you”

“Why would I lie to you about this If its a lie, itd be seen through in a matter of time.

Why would we do such an embarrassing thing” Lu Man answered.

Helena thought that what she said made sense.

“Why dont you wait here with us” Lu Man continued.

“Youll know when Robert and Hayer arrive.”

Helena nodded.

“Alright, Ill wait here, then.”

Julia frowned as she came over to tug Helena.

“You really believe her”

“Why not” Helena directed the question back at her.

“What if shes lying to make you wait here for nothing” Julia questioned.

Helena pointed at Lu Man and the other nine.

“To bluff me, all 10 of them are gathered here for nothing and not rehearsing How free are they”

Julia: “…”

“Moreover, if she really lied to me and I waited for nothing, wouldnt that mean shes bluffing just now Why did we come out in the first place To see for ourselves if Robert and Hayer are here to coach them.”

Helena shrugged.

“If we waited for nothing, doesnt that mean Robert and Hayer arent here to teach them”

Julia: “…”

How sound Helenas logic was!

Helenas not moving, and Shana remained.

Seeing Lu Man, Oren also stayed.

Thus, the others all stood there waiting.

Minutes passed, and neither Robert nor Hayer appeared.

Impatient, Helena got fed up with waiting.

Julia also craned her neck, saying, “Why arent they here yet Were you lying”

Han Leilei said coldly, “The schools so big, so it would take time for them to walk over.

If you dont believe us, then just walk there and see.

Youre bound to bump into them halfway.”

Hearing this, Julia quickly rebutted, “What if youre lying to us on purpose and sending us on a detour for nothing Then when we come back, youre already long gone”

Han Leilei tightened her lips, not bothering to answer.

“Well still be here waiting.

If youre afraid well be gone, then stay here and wait.

If youre not afraid of a little walking, then go find them yourselves,” Lu Man said.

Oren smiled.

“I believe Lu Man wouldnt kid about this.

She isnt a mean person.”

Orens words attracted everyones attention.

His teammates all knew about his intentions towards Lu Man.

Especially Albertine and the other guys, who all looked at Lu Man slyly.

Shana frowned in disgust.

Joking about a girl, how distasteful.

Helena, on the other hand, looked curiously at Lu Mans reaction.

Meanwhile, though Lu Mans teammates did not see Oren walking Lu Man out of the school yesterday, judging from his actions in class yesterday and his words just now, coupled with his suggestive glances at her…

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