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As she thought about it, no matter whether her hunch was right or wrong, cold sweat was already beading down Sister Lis back.

She recalled that when Lu Man had just entered the company, other than Chen Shimian, everyone else in the office was rather impolite to Lu Man.

However, Lu Man did not say anything, and the CEO did not make things difficult for them either, it really was…

Amidst her conflicted and complicated feelings, Sister Li could not help but be grateful to Lu Man for not taking things to heart.

When she saw that Xia Mengxuan still stubbornly refused to give up, and seemed like she still wanted to pick a fight, Sister Li sighed, her heart tired.

“Xia Mengxuan, Lu Man has never provoked you, nor has she hurt you.

Why do you always have something against her Think about Dai Yiran and Ye Xiaoxing, has any person who hurt Lu Man before ever has had a good outcome So you should try to hold back a little after all.”

“Hmph!” Xia Mengxuan was completely unappreciative.

“I really dont know why you all are so polite towards her now.

You all hated her at the start!”

Although Sister Li wanted to speak further, she stopped.

Finally, she sighed and walked away.

She definitely could not say that something was going on between Lu Man and Han Zhuoli, right

Moreover, she didnt have any evidence, and both Han Zhuoli and Lu Man had not spoken anything.

If she were to say it, with this blabbermouth Xia Mengxuan around, she would make such a fuss that the whole company will know about it.

And once Han Zhuoli would try to find a culprit, Xia Mengxuan definitely could not handle the consequences.

Since Xia Mengxuan was so glad to give herself a death sentence, she will leave her be.

Moreover, she had already tried her best to advise her.

After the lunch break, when Lu Man returned, Xia Mengxuan asked weirdly, “Lu Man, where have you been going every day during lunch”

Lu Man just glanced at her briefly.

“Hows that any of your business!”

“You!” Xia Mengxuan was so stunned and furious because of Lu Man.

Just as she was about to retort back, You Lili ran in, bubbling with excitement.

“Director Sun Yiwu has come to our company to cast people!” You Lili said excitedly.

Hearing that, Xia Mengxuan could no longer bother fighting with Lu Man.

She ran over and asked, “Why is Sun Yiwu here”

“Sun Yiwu is a director under our company, it isnt strange that hes here,” Brother Zhang said nonchalantly.

In Han Corporation, several celebrities come and go every day.

So Brother Zhang had long since been accustomed and used to it.

Also, he wasnt a fan who chased after celebrities either.

“Apparently the third female lead in his new filmGreedy Wolf Operation got injured and there are still some rather important fight scenes that they have to film.

Left with no choice, he could only change the cast at the last minute, so he came directly to the company to pick them.

No matter which company it is, they wont have as many readily available actors like ours right” You Lili explained animatedly, “Right now, Sun Yiwu is in the filming studio downstairs.

All the actors from our company have gone there.

Even those who arent with our company but could schedule for it are rushing back here too.”

Lu Man vaguely remembered something like this in her previous life, but since she did not really follow entertainment news, she did not know much about it in detail.

After all, she was still in jail back then.

Every day, she only had a little bit of time to surf the internet that too under surveillance.

She had too much news that she wanted to catch up on as she didnt want to be out of touch from the outside world.

How could she have had so much time to focus on entertainment news

She had only briefly scanned through it and did not really have a deep impression of it.

However, combining it with her understanding in this life, among the action film directors, Sun Yiwu could rank in the top three.

Every single one of his films had a decent box office collection ,and the reviews were good too.

All television actors were always eager to move onto the silver screen.

Moreover, since it was a film by Director Sun Yiwu, the film would garner a lot of attention even before it premiered and once it would be released, there would be another wave of promotions.

All of this would help them increase their popularity and ranking as actors.

Therefore, as long as their schedule fit, all actresses wanted to audition even though it was just the role of a third female lead and hoped to be chosen for it

“Aiya, then we should quickly head downstairs to take a look too!” Xia Mengxuan said eagerly, “Its so rare that we see so many celebrities together and even watch them audition!”


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