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Chapter 2373: Shocked by Their Actions

Unexpectedly, they heard Lu Man say, “Theyve agreed to come and coach us.

Theyre coming to the school this afternoon.”


Did they hear correctly

Guo Hai pushed his arm in front of Tan Mingxiao.

“Quick, pinch me.

Im not hearing things, am I”

Tan Mingxiao reciprocated the gesture.

“Lets pinch each other.”

And hence, they did.

Both yelped at the same time, the pain thoroughly felt.

Everybody was dumbfounded.

All were shocked by their actions.

And because of their humorous act, everyone recovered from their earlier shock.

And immediately, they felt excitement growing.

Though some were still in disbelief.

“Its Robert and Hayer The judges who were at the National Film Academy” Even Wang Yanglin wanted to confirm, feeling thrilled.

“Thats right.” Lu Man smiled and said, “I only wanted to ask if Robert could help find an experienced stage actor to guide us.

After all, both of them are so busy and might not have the time.

“Unexpectedly, Robert and Hayer agreed the moment I suggested it, and they didnt even ask for the details.

Im really grateful.”

“Thats right.” Sun Mengying nodded.

“We know very well what our standard is and why the teachers all rejected us.

But Robert and Hayer actually agreed under such circumstances.”

“Its like… a dream,” Zhang Xiaoying muttered.

“Dont forget to thank Lu Man too,” Guo Hai reminded them, “Without Lu Man, which one of us could have approached Robert and Hayer Its all thanks to Lu Man that both of them could come and coach us.”

“Thats right, Robert and Hayer must have agreed because of Lu Man,” Tan Mingxiao said.

Wu Zilin watched as everyone praised Lu Man.

When he heard it was Robert and Hayer who were coming, he regretted it.

He shouldve stayed on the team.

Hed thought they wouldnt even be able to find a teacher to guide them, and the entire team was surely doomed to fail miserably.

Hed thought they were surely going to be mocked mercilessly.

That was how Wu Zilin had comforted himself, thinking its better that he was getting out of this mess earlier.

He had learned what he could and achieved his aim of being here, so no losses there.

Far from there being no losses, there were gains.

Because he got himself out before they embarrassed themselves.

How great was that

Wu Zilin felt Heaven must be helping him.

And hence, he comforted himself like this throughout the night until he was convinced.

Only to hear that Robert and Hayer were coming to guide them today.

Could Wu Zilin not regret his decision

Of course not! He regretted it so hard, his chest hurt.

The things previously learned did improve his acting, but he was studying with so many other students, and he had even been jeered at.

Also, the teachers did not even care about them.

How could such a learning environment compare to getting personalized guidance from two actors

Their team had 10 members, yet they could get Roberts and Hayers guidance.

How rare of a chance was that

Wu Zilin thought about it and decided to stay on shamelessly.

Because of Lu Mans news, everyone was enthusiastic and eager.

Even Wang Yanglin felt he couldnt wait.

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