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Chapter 2366: He Did a Good Job as a Husband

“If he really wanted to help, he would have helped long ago.

Why did he need to wait until you came to talk about helping and even specifically give you his number” Han Zhuoli scoffed and said, “That sl*t.”

This was the first time Lu Man had heard Han Zhuoli scolding someone like this, and he was even calling a man a sl*t, which made her feel dumbstruck.

Right after, she started laughing.

“You could still laugh when youre already on someones mind!” Han Zhuoli said with his teeth clenched.

After saying that, he caressed Lu Man in his embrace.

This little girl, why was she always on other peoples minds wherever she went!

He did not even get such attention from others.

It was actually Lu Man who did.

They couldnt even stop for a moment with it!

Lu Man was laughing non-stop in Han Zhuolis arms.

She laughed until her shoulders shook.

“Him being concerned about me has nothing to do with me.

I wont bother about him.” Lu Man raised her head from Han Zhuolis arms and said, “Aish.

But you are really impressive, you got the point instantly.”

“Theres no use sweet-talking me,” Han Zhuoli said, gritting his teeth.

He then tightened his arms around her waist and said, “My wife is on someone elses mind right now.

I am angry.”

“Whats there to be angry about This shows that you married a very charming wife.” Lu Man blinked and said, “Shouldnt you be happy about that”

“I cant be happy.

I want to go and make that sl*t dispel that idea,” Han Zhuoli said with a dark expression.

Yet this made Lu Man laugh even more.

She tiptoed and kissed Han Zhuoli on the chin.

“When he gave me the number at first, I really didnt think of this.

I didnt notice it previously, but the incident this time reminded me of it.

“I then realized that after I got married to you, my sensitivity in this aspect seems to have dulled quite a lot.

He suddenly expressed his goodwill, but I didnt think he had me on his mind.

I just felt that he didnt have good intentions, but I didnt know what he was planning.”

Did Oren fall in love with her at first sight

Lu Man definitely did not believe that.

She did not think she had such a huge charm.

She thought that Oren probably just wanted to have fun and look for some thrill.

Lu Man honestly told Han Zhuoli everything about Oren.

“This afternoon, when I was coming back, I ran into Oren again on campus.

But at that time, Han Leilei was beside me.

When Oren was chatting with us along the way, his intentions became a little obvious, and thats why I noticed.”

As for Oren wanting to call her Lu or Man, Lu Man did not mention anything.

Seeing that Han Zhuoli was already quite angry, she just told him about Orens intentions.

As for that matter, forget it.

Who knew how angry Han Zhuoli would get if he found out

Lu Man was more concerned that her reaction was so slow.

This was really not good.

Han Zhuoli tore up Orens number without even thinking about it and threw it into the rubbish bin.

Seeing that Han Zhuoli still had a dark look on his face, Lu Man said, “I think its probably because you and I are together that I dont need to worry about anything.

And I am already very contented to have you, so my sensitivity towards this aspect seem to have gotten reduced quite to nothing.

As for other people expressing their interest or whatnot, I cant feel it at all.

If not, I wouldnt only notice after Oren made it so obvious later on today.”

Lu Mans words finally coaxed Han Zhuoli to smile happily.

Why was Lu Man dense when it came to romance

That was because she did not give a damn at all about other men.

So, no matter how the other party expressed interest, she did not sense it at all.

This was also because he did a good job as a husband.

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