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Chapter 2365: What Is This Thing

“Who said so If not because I have you backing me up, how can I be so fearless as to dare to provoke anyone without feeling scared at all Where does my confidence come from Doesnt all of this come from you” Lu Man smiled and said, “If not for you, I wont dare to be so arrogant.

“Actually, I know that I am just exploiting your power when intimidating others.” Lu Man did not beat around the bush about this at all and had acknowledged it openly.

Anyway, she was just relying on Han Zhuolis presence.

Her capability was one thing.

With Han Zhuoli around, she could then not be afraid of those people taking revenge.

Even if she had not publicly announced her relationship with Han Zhuoli, Han Zhuoli had been her boyfriend, fiance, and now husband.

This status would not change.

He would not have held back from protecting her just because they had not publicly announced their relationship before.

She was never afraid of other people taking revenge and could even confront them to their face.

And this was precisely because Han Zhuoli ensured that she always stood on the winning ground the entire time.

It was because she felt so secure knowing that she had a backer that she could be completely fearless without worrying about needing an escape route or suffering the consequences.

If she was all by herself, fighting her lone battle, then she would not have dared to be so daring.

Every step she took, she would have had to consider the consequences of failure.

Every step had to have all kinds of backup plans, and shed choose the plan where she would lose the least if she failed.

Yet such plans would surely return the least rewards if she won too.

She would just be playing it safe.

She would expend her effort and would definitely not have it so easy as she did now.

There were always people who say that she relied on Han Zhuoli, that without Han Zhuoli, she would not have been so arrogant and achieved the accomplishments she had now.

Actually, she felt that those people were right too.

It was indeed so.

Everything she had now, it was all because she had Han Zhuoli.

So, such comments were never denied by her, and she never defended herself against them.

Because she felt the same way too.

Han Zhuoli then also felt that he was not completely useless.

He pulled Lu Man over to give her a kiss and asked, “What do you want to eat for dinner”

Although they came as one big family, theyd all formed their own small circles.

So the others did not disrupt their couple time at all.

“Ah, right.

I even bought tickets to Broadway.” Lu Man took them out from her bag and ended up taking out the slip of notebook paper on which Oren had written his phone number as well.

Han Zhuoli did not notice it at first.

After all, it was just a random piece of paper, and the part of it sticking out was blank.

Lu Man herself forgot too.

When she took out this piece of paper, she even felt confused.

When did she have that extra piece of paper in her bag

“When did I get this paper” Lu Man mumbled to herself, and she even opened up the paper in front of Han Zhuoli.

Yet the moment they saw Orens name written on it, his phone number written at the back…

“What is this thing” Han Zhuoli instantly regained focus.

He simply took the piece of paper and said, “Oren”

Han Zhuoli muttered the name a few times but did not recall who Oren was.

“Ah, I remember it now.

Today, when I went to school, I had the chance to attend a class.

Oren is a student from their acting major, and he has a bit of fame.

He said that if our exchange team needs any help, I can look for him, then he left his number behind.

I didnt think it was good to just throw it away in front of him, so I just put it in my bag first.

Then I ended up forgetting about it.”

The last sentence Lu Man said sounded really pleasing to Han Zhuoli.

Lu Man did not intend to keep it at first, and because she did not care about it, she forgot about it afterward.

But seeing Orens sneaky intentions, Han Zhuoli scoffed.

“Hah, he only gave out his number today.

This shows that he didnt give it to your classmates previously.

If he had, he wont have needed to give it to you again today.”

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