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Chapter 2364: Very Unaccomplished

“I happen to know of a restaurant nearby that serves really good food.

Its very suitable for drinking and chatting over a meal,” Hayer said.

Hence, the three of them agreed on that.

Lu Man still had to go and find Han Zhuoli first.

Robert then went backstage to rest and Hayer accompanied him.

She reached the company.

This was Lu Mans first time coming to the Han Corporations company over here.

There were much fewer Asian faces and many more Western faces, so it looked quite fascinating too.

Zheng Tianming also accompanied Han Zhuoli to come over.

He did not come over at first.

But Han Zhuoli realized that he was still used to Zheng Tianming coming over to be his assistant, so he called Zheng Tianming over.

When they were about to arrive, Xiao Guo notified Zheng Tianming in advance.

So when Lu Man arrived, Zheng Tianming was already waiting at the door.

The employees passing by saw Zheng Tianming coming down to fetch Lu Man personally, and judging from Lu Mans Asian-looking face, they easily guessed that she was either Han Zhuolis wife or Han Zhuolings girlfriend.

Anyway, not long after Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling came, theyd learned that Han Zhuoli was married and that Han Zhuoling also had a girlfriend.

But judging from how Zheng Tianming was the one who came down, this lady was most likely Han Zhuolis wife, their Mrs.


Indeed, not long after, they got confirmation.

Colleagues who went on business trips to the companys headquarters in the home country confirmed that this was, indeed, Lu Man, Han Zhuolis wife.

Everyone could not help but gasp.

This Madam was way too young.

Had she come of age yet

Who knew that their CEO who was so accomplished at a young age actually liked such a young lady.

Even Han Zhuoli did not expect that after simply having Lu Man come over to the company to accompany him, he would get a bad reputation of liking underage girls.

Wasnt this aggrieving

Lu Man entered Han Zhuolis office and did not expect that Han Zhuoli had just got done with his work and was packing his things.

“Why did you only come now” Han Zhuoli pulled her over.

“Our exchange team couldnt find a teacher to come and help us rehearse.

The teachers at school either arent willing to take up this unrewarding task or they had work and had no time.

So I just went to the theater where Robert is at, thinking of asking if he can introduce an experienced stage actor to come and help us rehearse,” Lu Man explained.

“After all, we are going to act out a scene from Shakespeares play.

Be it in culture or performance method, the teachers here would be more suitable.

If theres really no choice, then we can ask teachers from our country to come over.

Thats what the teachers in the country think as well, so they didnt come over at the start.

“Surprisingly, the moment I mentioned it, Robert and Hayer agreed very readily.

The two of them would personally come and guide us with our rehearsals,” Lu Man said as she smiled.

“Why didnt you come and ask me to help” Han Zhuoli asked.

“If I asked you for help, even if you found an experienced stage actor or director, wed still have to see if the person had the time,” Lu Man said.

Hollywood had many actors who would also go and participate in stage performances, so they were quite experienced with stage performances too.

“But as for the actors here, the constraints on them are not as big as they are in the country.

They wont be like those in our country who will help at once,” Lu Man said.

“I was thinking, if Robert and Hayers side didnt work, only then could I come and ask you for help to see if we could find someone.”

“You, seriously.

Every time, you will resolve the situation by yourself first, making me feel very unaccomplished, unable to help you do anything,” Han Zhuoli said, feeling a little dejected.

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