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Chapter 2356: Unexpected Joy

“Actually, Principal Lu is quite right,” Mr.

Wu said.

“For every bit of money Id invested into your school, he had already returned the favor to you.

“Each year, whenever the school had a chance to send students into a production team, you would definitely be in it.” It was just that Wu Zilin was really not very competent.

Donghua Academy of Drama also had quite a few students who became famous.

Especially among students from the same batch as Wu Zilin, there were quite a few others who also became famous.

But Wu Zilin was simply not among them.

This was indeed not something that could be achieved simply through forced support.

How many people vied for support yet did not manage to become famous

“The investment I poured into your school this year came as an exchange for your spot to come over as an exchange student,” Mr.

Wu said.

Suddenly, his voice turned cold as he said, “I invested so much in you, and this is how you waste it”

“Dad, I didnt—”

“What do you mean you didnt Why did you provoke Lu Man for nothing I invested so much money in you, but you didnt even give me any results.

This time, you said you wanted to enter the exchange team.

Sure, I gave the school a big sum of sponsorship again.

In the end” Mr.

Wu said angrily.

“In the end, this is what you did! Why are you so dimwitted!” Mr.

Wu warned in a stern tone, “Wu Zilin, I am warning you.

The familys money isnt for you to splurge and squander.

You can have no results to show, but you cant not show results and still instigate this and that to implicate the family!

“Is Lu Man someone you can provoke Why are you provoking her for nothing!” Mr.

Wu said angrily.

“Since they want you to come back home, then just come back.

Before you do the handover, behave properly over there.

You are not to provoke anyone else!”


Wu even felt a little worried and said further, “If you stir up some trouble again, dont even talk about investing in you in the future.

I wont give you a single cent from now on!”

After saying that, Mr.

Wu ended the call, not leaving any chance for Wu Zilin to make excuses for himself.


On Lu Mans end, when everyone saw that theyd finally resolved Wu Zilins matter, they all heaved a sigh of relief.

And even if they really could not find a suitable person to be the tenth member, or if the person could not arrive in time, the nine of them would just go up on stage by themselves.

It was still better than having one Wu Zilin who did not fit in with them at all.

Not long after, Lu Man received a reply from Principal Lu.

He had already contacted a person.

He was a male actor who had pretty good acting skills, a rare feat among the young generation of actors nowadays.

He was called Wang Yanglin.

“He happens to have a visa.” Principal Lu also heaved a sigh of relief after completing his mission.

His expression was much more relaxed now.

“Actually, it would have been better for him to come over previously, but he had a show to film and he couldnt come over for half a year as it would have affected his exposure level within the country.”

Wang Yanglin was at the start of his rising fame now.

It was hard to see people who were good at acting among the younger generation of stars, so the appearance of one like Wang Yanglin really made people surprised.

It was rare that he was handsome and had good acting skills.

He could clearly rely on his good looks to make a living, but he chose to rely on acting.

His use of his capabilities to speak for himself made people even more attracted to becoming his fan.

What made the fans like him the most was his low-profile personality, as if he put all his energy into acting.

He was also very conscientious when picking shows to act in, and he would not act in any film just for the money.

He put his heart into everything he did, so his good reputation naturally came about.

And he was not after money and did not accept any ads casually just because there was good money to make.

Once he took on an advertisement, his fans would have to pay for the product to help him boost its sales.

Wang Yanglin also put in a lot of thought in accepting sponsors, so he was also rarely seen becoming a brand ambassador.

When they heard that Wang Yanglin would be coming over to replace Wu Zilin, this was an unexpected joy for everyone, and they were all extremely surprised and happy.

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