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Chapter 2349: A Way

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She would not take to heart this bit of pressure.

But Lu Man did have better options.

Before they completely ran out of solutions, she would not choose to be the director.

It was not that she did not want to be responsible.

She just felt that she was not up to it yet.

She really did not have the level of skill to be the director.

If there was really no other choice and no other way, she would then be the director.

“I will take on the role of directing the rehearsals only when theres really no other choice,” Lu Man said.

“Before that, I will think of a way.”

Han Leilei felt a sparkle of hope light up in her heart once more.

Thats right, Han Zhuoli came over with her too.

Who knows, Han Zhuoli might be able to help them look for someone.

But Wu Zilin did not think highly of this.

Even if Han Zhuoli had wide connections, it could only work if he had arranged a time with someone beforehand.

If they went to look for someone at the last minute like this, those big shots would have their schedules fully packed.

How would they have the time to come over instantly

Lu Man did not care about Wu Zilins doubtful and slightly disdainful look and made a call first.

Just when everyone thought that Lu Man was calling Han Zhuoli or someone else she knew to find a teacher to guide their rehearsals, the moment Lu Man spoke, she actually said, “Principal, its Lu Man.”

Everyone stared at her in surprise, but they were not worried.

They were just curious why she gave the principal a call.

Some people even thought a little deeper.

Which principal did she call

Only Wu Zilin was panicking frantically in his heart.

Whichever principal Lu Man called, why was she calling them now

To swap him out

Why should she!

What did he do wrong even

“Principal Liu,” Lu Man said.

Everyone then knew that Lu Man was speaking to the Principal of the National Film Academy on the phone.

Wu Zilin then quietly heaved a sigh of relief.

So, like the others, he too thought that Lu Man wanted to ask a teacher to come over from their home country.

Everyone thought that this was a solution too.

It was still better than no one helping them with rehearsals at all.

Just now, they were too stunned, so they forgot that, actually, they could still ask a teacher from their country to come over.

Even if they needed some time to apply for a visa, if the school came out to do it, it was not impossible for them to make a special request to speed up the process.

And many of the teachers had come over here for exchange before, so they had visas with them that would not have expired so soon.

So they could just come over.

Even if, at the start, the school felt that having a local teacher to direct a foreign play might be a bit of a misfit, they clearly could not find anyone else now, so having a local teacher to go over to guide them was still better than nothing.

“Lu Man, you arrived at the school today” Principal Liu asked.

Lu Man turned on the speaker on her phone to let everyone hear, then replied, “Yes.

I came over early in the morning to process the administrative work.

In the afternoon, I attended a class, which was not bad.”

“Everything is fine, right” Principal Liu asked further.

“How are the other students there doing”

“I was about to tell you about the situation over here,” Lu Man said.

“Before I came, our exchange teams situation wasnt very good.”

Lu Man told the principal about the experiences of the exchange team members before she came over.

“Theyre too much of a bully!” Indeed, Principal Liu was extremely furious.

“You hang up for a moment first.

Ill call Old Zhang and the others over.

We can video call together and speak about this.

Its better than if I relay it all again to them afterward.

It might also not be convenient to tell them about some issues verbally.”

“Okay.” Lu Man ended the call.

“The other students are all beside me.

Can we have a meeting together later”

“Of course..” Principal Liu then hung up.

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