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Chapter 2340: Is the School Run by Your Family

“Wu Zilin, if you can give up those thoughts, focus on the team, cooperate with everyone, and stay united with us until the competition ends, then Ill let todays matter pass,” Lu Man said.

Even if they were to be fully united, they might not necessarily win the competition.

What more if Wu Zilin was here creating trouble

“You think that were against you, that we are wrong and youre the only one whos right.

You feel misunderstood and cant identify with the team.

If you cant be of one mind with us, then we dont mind swapping you with another person,” Lu Man said.

Upon hearing this, Wu Zilin exploded.

“Swap with another person Is the school run by your family Do your words count”

Everyone was also shocked.

However, they were just shocked and did not have any negative thoughts.

It was very easy for the people from the National Film Academy to accept it.

This was because Han Leilei and Lu Man were good friends.

As she was close with Lu Man, she understood her style of handling matters as well as personal relationships.

Hence, she felt that Lu Mans way of doing things was normal.

Not only would she not object or be shocked, but she would even stand on Lu Mans side and tell her she was awesome.

Furthermore, though people from the National Drama Academy rarely had contact with the National Film Academy in terms of private or official communication, theres the fact that Lu Man had nearly gone to the National Drama Academy at the very beginning.

Hence, they were very familiar with Lu Mans way of doing things.

After feeling shocked, they very quickly calmed down.

As Donghua Academy of Drama and Donghua Film Academy were far away, the only contact the schools had with her previously was during the “Chinese Arts Championships.”

But these representatives did not take part in the “Chinese Arts Championships.” Hence, they did not have any contact with Lu Man before this.

Their understanding of some matters about Lu Man was limited to what the media reported.

Hence, right now, they were very shocked by Lu Mans way of doing things.

Either they felt that Lu Man was being overbearing, thinking she could just get rid of a person like this, or they felt that Lu Man was being overly dominant!

Being overbearing and being dominant were different.

Lu Man was too decisive.

The time taken for them to come back and for her standoff with Wu Zilin only took around ten minutes.

And Lu Man had directly thought of this step.

They wondered when she had made this decision.

This decision was easy to think of but was difficult to say and do.

Guo Hai and the others had also thought of this.

If Wu Zilin continued to be like this, it would be good without him.

But if they didnt want him, who else could they have

Who could fill his position at this time

The fact that Wu Zilin could take part already showed that he was at the top two from the Donghua Academy of Drama.

Besides, this was not a time when they could just exchange another person if they wanted to.

But Lu Man could say it.

Furthermore, Lu Man had never failed to honor her words.

No need to talk about what happened a long time ago, what happened just now regarding the bet between Lu Man and Howard was enough.

She had such a well-thought-out strategy, intending to make Howard lose.

In the end, Howard really lost.

Hence, what Lu Man had said now was not just a verbal threat.

It was this that made them shocked.

But despite being shocked, no one said anything.

They wanted to win the competition.

Furthermore, due to the previous encounter, they were really unprecedentedly united now.

This was something that had never happened before with the previous batches of exchange students.

Although the previous batches of exchange students lacked capabilities, they did not have any conflicts with the students here.

The other party went overboard this year because they had lost to the team from the National Film Academy that was led by Lu Man.

This had intensified their conflicts.

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